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How to Improve Japanese Quickly? Any Effective Method?

  2016/09/07    Culture

  スポンサーリンク   Do you want to improve your Japanese while you are in Japan? Mastering language is not easy especially if you don’t have enough opportunities to actually use.   Here are some suggestions on how to improve Japanese …

Why Do Japanese Dial 119 to Call Fire Station?

  2016/09/04    Culture

スポンサーリンク   In Japan, people call 119 to request fire trucks and firefighters. What about your country?   Today I’m going to discuss why Japanese Fire Station ended up using 119 as their phone number.     History of Japanese Fire …

Traditional Japanese garment? What is a Japanese KIMONO?

  2016/09/02    Kimono

スポンサーリンク   You probably know what Kimono is. What about Wafuku? This posts summarizes information of Kimono and Wafuku.  

Japanese Secret Spy!? LIfe of NINJA as SHINOBI

  2016/09/01    Culture

スポンサーリンク   I’m sure you’ve heard of “Ninja.” But do you actually know what it is?   Today I’m going to introduce basic information on Ninja.     What is Ninja?   Ninja is a person or group of people …

Information on Japanese YOKAI including History and Types

  2016/08/31    Culture

スポンサーリンク   Do you know what Yokai is? This post introduces basic information on Japanese Yokai.  

Japanese Greetings: What do Itadakimasu and Gochisousama mean?

  2016/08/30    Culture

スポンサーリンク   Have you heard that Japanese saying “Itadakimasu” (いただきます) or “Gochisousama”(ごちそうさま)?   There are two words that may be difficult to understand for foreigners.   In this post I’m going to discuss what Itadakimasu and Gochisousama mean.  

3 Best Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

  2016/08/30    Culture

スポンサーリンク   If you need to stay in Tokyo and looking for hotels, you might want to check these out!   First Cabin at Akihabara station (First Cabin 秋葉原店)   Price: Starting 3,700 yen per night Location: 4 minutes from …

What is Capsule Hotel in Japan?

  2016/08/30    Culture

スポンサーリンク   Capsule Hotel in Japan   There are hotels called “Capsule Hotel” in Japan. As you can imagine form the name, it is a hotel. It’s usually cheaper than regular hotels.   The big differences are its room size …

Why is Japanese Shy? Cultural aspects of the Japanese shyness

  2016/08/28    Culture

スポンサーリンク   What is your impression about Japanese? Quiet? Polite? Shy? Hard-working?   Today I’m going to discuss Japanese shyness and I want to explain my point of view.     What is being Shy?   Does shy sound good …

What is SUMO? Basic Guide to Japanese Sumo Wrestling

  2016/08/23    Culture

スポンサーリンク   Traditional Sport ‘SUMO’   Do you know what is Japanese national sport?   We do not have official national sport that declared by government.   However, Japanese believe that Budo (武道) or martial arts is Japanese national sport. …