How do Japanese spend time on Christmas? 4 Ways to Enjoy Christmas in Japan




Most of Japanese are not Christian so they don’t have to celebrate Christmas. However, Japanese love celebrating Christmas.

What do they do?

Here is what Japanese do on Christmas.


Some organizations and nightclubs have Christmas events. If you like party, you might want to check in advance and get a ticket!

For instance, Gaitomo and club Ageha have Christmas party in Tokyo. Some events are prepared for singles so even if you have no friends or partners who can go to party with you, no problem!





Most of Japanese spend time with their boyfriend or girlfriend on Christmas Eve or Christmas. For Christian, it’s a day for family. For Japanese, it’s a day for a couple.

Japanese media has been promoting propaganda that Christmas is for couples. If you date with someone, you would buy gift for her or him.

If you don’t date with anyone, you might try to get someone before Christmas, or you might go to singles party and find a special person.


Couples usually go have special dinner so restaurants will be packed. If you have favorite restaurant you want to go on Christmas, you definitely want to book in advance.


Stay at Home



You can of course stay at home and relax on Christmas. Unlike North America and other countries, Christmas is not a statutory holiday in Japan. Thus Japanese have to work if Christmas is during week.

Some people might go have a special dinner with partners but others go home and don’t celebrate Christmas. That’s totally fine!

So if you have no plan for Christmas, don’t feel devastated. It happens. It’s totally normal and not the end of the world.

Let’s pretend it’s one of the ordinal days and there is nothing you must do.


Drink and Eat a Cake

Some people eat cakes on Christmas. In fact, cake shops sell special Christmas cakes and they are busy during Christmas season.

Just drink, eat good food and cake! It doesn’t have to be a big party but you can rather enjoy dinner with family or friends.





Although most of Japanese want to spend time with partners on Christmas, it’s up to you. You could enjoy with your partner, with your friends, with your family, or on your own.


You don’t have to spend any penny for Christmas. If you live in Japan and feel homesick, you might want to go back to your country and charge your power during Christmas season!




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