How to Get Fujiko F Fujio Museum Tickets Online Step by Step with Images




I found it’s confusing to get tickets for Fujiko F Fujio Museum.

If I just read English, I don’t quit understand. So in this post, I’m going to show you how to get tickets online step by step.



Check Website

Visit Museum Tickets and check details of tickets.

All the information can be found in here.


The website states that “Purchase tickets at Lawson in Japan”

That means even if you purchase online, you would still need to go to any Lawson location to pick up the tickets. No e-tickets will be issued. You can choose to pay by credit card or pay when picking up the tickets.



Step 1: Pick Date and Time

Visit Museum Tickets and pick a date and time.






Go to Reserve Online and choose the month you want to get tickets for.

In this screen, for instance, March, April and May are shown.

It’s all numbers, so it’s obvious and no confusion here.

Click the yellow button.




Then this screen appears.

Scroll Down





Pick a date and time from the calendar. Only time in red ink can be chosen.

〇 means available.

× means unavailable.




After picking the date and time, the page above appears.

It just confirms the date and time.

Click the pink button to continue.



Step 2: Choose How Many Tickets You Need

On this page, you would choose how many tickets you need.



Adults are 1,000 yen

Students (13-18 years old) are 700 yen

Children (4-12 years old) are 400 yen






Then click the pink button to reserve the tickets.

Other buttons are for registration or log in, so you have to click this one.

No registration required.



Step 3: Enter Information



On next page, you need to enter your:


-Email address

-Confirmation of email address

-Phone number




They will confirm details of tickets by email.

Click the pink button after entering information.





Step 4: Choose Payment Method

Scroll down and choose payment method on this page.





Choose payment method.

The first one is to pay at Lawson location when you pick up tickets.

The right one is to pay by credit card.


♠Credit cards issued outside Japan might not be accepted.

♦If you purchase tickets by your credit card, you can pick them up ANYTIME BEFORE RESERVATION TIME. For instance, if you reserve tickets for April 20, you can even pick up the tickets on April 20.

♣ Don’t choose pay at Lawson store if you are oversea. You would need to pick tickets up within few days of purchase for this option.



Enter password for confirmation. It’s used when you check the detail of tickets online.

You cannot, however, skip this, so you must enter the password.



Log in Password

Confirm Log in Password





It shows the number of tickets and total cost.




If everything is right, click the pink button to confirm the reservation.


You would get confirmation by email as well.





For basic information of the museum, check here → Basic Information of Doraemon Museum

In April, long vacation starts in Japan → What is Golden Week?





Do you want to know how to get any other tickets? Let me know and I’ll update a post for you!



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