Where is Typhoon Talim? Weather Update Sep 17





Update 7a.m. Sep 18

Typhoon Talim is in Aomori Area right now.

Tohoku area expects heavy rain and strong wind.

Over 80 flights have been cancelled.


Kanto area including Tokyo is sunny now.

It will be hot and Kanto area will be reaching 30 degrees.




Update 7p.m. Sep 17

Typhoon Talim is in Kochi Prefecture area right now.


Flood warning in Oita Prefecture


Heavy rain in Chugoku, Shikoku and Kinki area tonight.


Kanto area expects heavy rain by tomorrow morning.





Update 12p.m. Sep 17


Weather Condition


Typhoon Talim is approaching to Kyusyu area.

Heavy rain and strong wind are expected.

If you are in Kyusyu are, stay inside the building and don’t go near water.




Train Information


JR Kyushu not operating.

Airplanes cancel flights.

Sanyo Shinkansen is operating but check before heading to station.



I’ll keep you posted!!





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