2 Bizarre Facts You Want to Know About Japan: Part 1




Have you been to Japan? Do you live in Japan?

If you’ve been to Japan, I’m sure that you noticed unique Japanese culture.

As I’ve been to Canada, I know interesting differences between Japan and Canada.


Here are 2 things that foreigners will find strange in Japan and they might not understand.


1. Packed Train (満員電車)

It’s really scary to take trains during rush hour because it looks like a hell.

Not only Tokyo but also big cities like Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya have packed trains.

You might have seen on TV, movies, cartoons, comics, newspaper or online.

If you are in Japan, you might have experienced already.

I’m not exaggerating and it’s really packed. No space to step in, no space to move. You cannot even move your arm or tilt head. And people push you and you have to stay uncomfortable position until you get off.

Sometimes at busy station, people might push you to outside the door and you have no space to step back in. This is a nightmare as you are heading to your office. But it does happen!


In addition, some people might get their bags or part of clothes stuck.

I’ve seen people stuck their coat and scarf. I, myself, stuck my leg. It was shocking and embarrassing.


It’s really terrible and I hate it. I guess no one likes it.

I’m really happy to be in Canada and not experience this terrible packed train.






2. Sleep on Train (電車で居眠り)




This is probably the weirdest phenomenon foreigners would encounter in Japan. People fall asleep on train. Day and night, it doesn’t matter. They get on train and sleep.

I’ve never seen people sleeping on train in Canada.

I’ve almost fallen asleep when I was tired but I tried not to because it was not safe.

There are two reasons why Japanese fall asleep on train.

First reason is that Japan is safe. So safe that people think no one attacks them while sleeping.

Of course, if they are on train with just a few people (i.e., not busy train) a theft may steal you bag or wallet.

However, compared to other countries, Japan is generally safe.


Another reason is that they are extremely tired.

A large number of people, for instance, live in Kanto area such as Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa and come Tokyo to work. It might take a couple of hours to get their office.

Thus they might need to leave home 6 or 7a.m. and go have some drinks after work and get home after 12a.m. They repeat that everyday and have no time to sleep.

As a result, people try to get a seat, sit down and fall asleep on train.



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