3 Best Capsule Hotels in Tokyo




If you need to stay in Tokyo and looking for hotels, you might want to check these out!


  1. First Cabin at Akihabara station (First Cabin 秋葉原店)


Price: Starting 3,700 yen per night

Location: 4 minutes from Akihabara station Shouwa Dori-guchi Exit (秋葉原駅昭和口通り)

Check in time: 5 p.m. (last check in: 2 a.m.)

Check out time: 10 a.m.


When I first saw the pictures, I thought it was luxury hotel and didn’t know it was capsule hotel!

It’s clean and looks expensive.

Their theme is “first class air plane” and they have public bath.

The whole building including lounge, bathroom and public bath are nice and clean.


It’s about 5 minutes away from Akihabara station so quite convenient.


You might want to double check its location as some people said they couldn’t find the place easily.


Female customers feel safe as there is separate elevator and floor in the building.

They don’t see male customers and can enjoy even if they stay alone.





  1. Shinjyuku Kuyakusyo-mae Capsule Hotel (新宿区役所前カプセルホテル)




Price: Starting 2,100 yen per night

Location: 4 minutes from Shinjyuku station East Exit (新宿駅東口)

Check in time: 4 p.m. (last check in: 12 a.m.)

Check out time: 10 a.m.


This place is popular not only among Japanese but also among foreigners.


They also have separated floors for women and men.


The location is perfect because it’s close to Shinjyuku station so that you can get food and go shopping easily.


Overall it’s clean and staff is friendly.



  1. Capsule Hotel and Sauna Ikebukuro Plaza (カプセルホテル&サウナ 池袋プラザ)


Price: Starting 3,000 yen per night

Location: 5 minutes from Ikebukuro station West Exit (池袋駅西口)

Check in time: 3 p.m. (last check in: 2 a.m.)

Check out time: 10 a.m.


This Capsule hotel also has separate floors for male and female customers.


For females customers there are shower rooms but no public bath is available.

For male customers there is public bath.


Bed and blanket are comfortable as they have special mattress.

You can sleep well because the bed is nice and it is quiet.



There are too many hotels to choose in Tokyo.

Pick convenient locations for you and compare the price and features.

You will find places you want to stay!




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