4 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Tokyo Skytree in Japan





When you visit Tokyo Skytree, there would be a lot to do.

Here are 4 things to do if you visit Tokyo Skytree first time.


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Visit Observatories



The first thing you need to do in Skytree is to visit Observatories.

There are Tembo Galleria (450m) and Tembo Deck (350m) and you are required to have two tickets to visit both Observatories.


Tembo Deck consists of three floors including Floor 350, 345 and 340.

Floor 340 is apparently less crowded.

There are restaurants, shops and coffee shops up there.


Not only the view, but also the interior of elevators is magnificent.

Don’t miss it!



Visit Planetarium 



If you have extra time, try this great planetarium.

They have different programs and you can stay there for one hour.

It is located at 7th floor in Tokyo Skytree Town East Yard.


The tickets are 1,200 yen for adults (over 13 years old) and 600 yen for children (4-12 years old).



Update on June 10, 2016

Right now their program include “Attack of Titan,” “Milky Way (Amanogawa),” “Hawaiian Sky” and “Chemistry.”

*Chemistry is Japanese pop duo.


These 4 program are played until October 1st.


All seem nice so it’s difficult to choose for me…


It’s open between 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. during week and 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. on weekend.



Look up the Tokyo Skytree from Dorm Garden




Tokyo Skytree is too tall to take pictures.

Well, there is a spot you can take whole.

That’s Dorm Garden and it is located at 8th floor in Tokyo Skytree East Yard.

It is not that crowded so you can take time and look up the tower from there.



Explore Tokyo Solamachi


This is another popular place visitors would go.

It’s like a small mall and there are 35 shops in Solamachi Shotengai Shopping District.


This shopping district is located Oshiage station side.


On the other side of the Skytree, there is Station Street where you can enjoy shopping as well.

It’s right next to Tokyo Skytree station.


On 2nd and 3rd floor, there are market, clothing shops and restaurants.



There are a lot to see in Tokyo Skytree.

Plan accordingly and enjoy your visit!



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