Sushi is not the Only Food! 5 Yummy Food You Must Eat in Japan




Do you like Japanese food?

What is your Japanese favorite food?

In Canada and US, sushi is very popular.

Some people think that Japanese eat sushi everyday or

all Japanese know how to roll and make sushi.


Not quite!


We neither eat sushi every day nor make it by ourselves.

When we eat sushi, we usually go to sushi restaurant or buy in supermarket.


Today I’m going to discuss food you can’t miss in Japan.




1. Yakiniku



This is my favorite! Yaki means to grill, and niku means meat.

Some Yakiniku restaurants are ran by Koreans.

They have nice kimchi and soup.

There are Korean restaurant in Vancouver but it’s different from Japanese Yakiniku.


In Japan, you order any kinds of meat you want to eat and

you would cook by yourself.

Waitress would bring all food and drink to you, so you just need to sit there,

cook and eat!


I always miss Japanese Yakiniku!!



2. Yakitori


Yakitori essentially means “grill chicken.

Chickens are chopped and skewed and there are various parts of chicken.

It’s different from Kebab or Chinese skewed meat.


They usually have salt or tare (special sauce) and you can choose either.

It’s perfect to eat yakitori and drink beer or sake!



3. Monja (もんじゃ) and Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き)



Monja、 cooked with meat and veggies




Okonomiyaki, Japanese pancake



There are Monja restaurants in Tokyo but I’m not sure about other prefectures.

Monja is from Tokyo and most of people from Osaka don’t eat Monjya.

They eat Okonomiyaki.

People in Tokyo eat both.


The difference is Monja is softer and has more liquid.

Okonomiyaki, on the other hand, is firmer and it’s like pancake.


I’ve never seen Monja in Vancouver but we do have Okonomiyaki in here.

I guess Canadians prefer Okonomiyaki because it’s harder and makes you full.

So try Monja if you visit Tokyo!



4. Wagashi


Wagashi is Japanese sweet.

There are various kinds and they are as beautiful as art.

Examples of ingredients are mochi (sticky rice cake), red bean paste, matcha green tea (抹茶) etc…

It’s not that sweet and go well with tea.

Some Wagashi are too magnificent to eat. (extremely beautiful!)


Japanese Wagashi makes your stomach and mind full.



5. Sushi


Sushi in Japan is different from Sushi in foreign countries.

For instance, we have California rolls in North America,

but Japanese don’t eat them in Japan.


Moreover, portion is way smaller.

Thus if Americans or Canadians visit Japan and eat sushi,

they might think it’s too small and Japanese are stingy.


In Japan, people eat small portion to enjoy different kinds of fish.

Sushi in Japan is very fresh and you would be surprised that there are various kinds of fish you could choose from.




There are more food to cover but here I pick 5 items.

Did you know them?


If you never tried those, you MUST try when visiting Japan!!

It’s so yummy and you don’t want to leave Japan.



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