5 Pros and Cons of Being in a Relationship with a Japanese Girlfriend




Being in a relationship is truly amazing and confusing sometimes.

Here are advantages and disadvantages of dating a Japanese girl.



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5 Pros of Being in a Relationship with a Japanese Partner

Let’s see pros first.


Pro 1:You Feel Happy and Intimate


When you start to date someone, you probably feel quite happy and delighted. You are fulfilled.

Having someone you love gives you energy. You want to do something for your partner and you are motivated to work or study hard for her.



Pro 2: You Gain Confidence

After being single for a while, you might forget what is like to be with someone you love.

If you have never dated anyone, you might feel anxious and nervous to talk to girls.


Being in a relationship definitely gives you confidence.

Some feel energetic. Others feel they can do anything.

It is also good for self-esteem. That is why some girls like guys who have girlfriends. They look confident and self-sufficient.



Pro 3: You Improve Communication Skills

In order to date and maintain a great relationship with your Japanese girlfriend, you need to communicate well.

You will be a master of communication after dating your partner for 1 year or so.


This communication skill is also useful for any situation including your school or work.



Pro 4: You Learn Japanese


When you date someone you want to know about the person.

If she speaks another language, you become interested in the language.

Although it is not necessary to learn partner’s mother tongue, one tends to improve quickly and efficiently if he learns from the partner.


Learning Japanese is a great way of knowing your partner.



Pro 5: You Learn Japanese Culture

Just like language, you can also learn Japanese culture.

Living in Japan definitely helps you to learn Japanese culture. However, you feel puzzled how Japanese custom and manners differ from your county.

Sometimes it is easier if someone teaches you. 



5 Cons of Being in a Relationship with a Japanese Partner

Here are cons of dating Japanese girls.


Con 1: You Have Less Freedom



When you are single, you can do whatever you want.

You can go to a nightclub and flirt with a girl. You can go to parties and meet with new girls. You can drink everyday and don’t answer the phone or text message.

Once you are in a relationship, you lose such freedom.

Your partner is not watching you all the time, but you might have to think before you act.



Con 2: You Encounter Communication Problems


Men and women are different. Men don’t understand women and women feel frustrated when men don’t understand them.

If you don’t speak Japanese well, communication problems will occur for sure.

Communication is a key for any sort of relationships, so it is difficult to maintain a great relationship with someone if they cannot communicate well.



Con 3: You Feel Stress to Adjust

Not always but sometimes you might need to adjust your lifestyle or way of thinking.

For example, you feel hassle to smoke in balcony when your girlfriend visits your place.

Your girlfriend may ask you not to smoke or drink that often.


You might feel stressed out due to cultural differences as well.



Con 4: You Will Miss the Excitement

When you are single, you can chase anyone and enjoy a feeling of excitement.

Once you date someone, you better stop hunting. People tend to feel happy and excited at the beginning of a relationship but as time passes by, the feeling changes.

It doesn’t mean you don’t love your girlfriend. It is just you are looking for something new, interesting or exciting.

I understand but be careful! Don’t forget to think about the consequences.



Con 5: You might be Asked to Marry or Break up

Some girls want to marry so badly and don’t want to waste time, so they might ask “marriage or break up” question.

In Canada, for instance, people enjoy dating and they don’t necessarily consider marriage. In Japan, however, some women are dying for marriage. They want to be a wife ASAP.

So if your girlfriend asks you ”marriage or break up” question, don’t freak out. It happens. And of course you are not obligated to marry if you don’t want to.




What are the pros and cons in your opinion?


The advantages include: feeling happiness and confidence, learn Japanese language and culture. You will also improve communication skills.


The disadvantages are: losing freedom and excitement, having communication problems, feeling of stress and being asked to marry.


Love is great but it makes people blind.


Hope you enjoy being with your girlfriend!







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