7 Items to Bring to Hiking and 4 Ways to Enjoy It




Hiking is popular in Canada and Japan.

It is fun to go with friends or family.

However, we have to remember that mountains are part of nature and weather could abruptly change.

In order to enjoy hiking, I’m going to discuss 7 essential items you should bring with you.




  1. Sunglasses

Sunlight on mountain is extremely strong.

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

They also reduce reflection of sunlight so that you can walk safely.


  1. Hats

When it’s sunny, your head will be hot without any hats.

Hat can protect you from strong sunlight.

The combination of hats and sunglasses is the best!


  1. Water

You need to drink sufficient water while hiking.

It is better to drink little by little rather than drinking at once.

Try to drink water whenever you stop for a break.


  1. Towels

Use towels when you sweat.

You shouldn’t leave sweat because it will wet your clothes and cool you down in unpleasant way.

It is also helpful in case of injury.


I personally love to visit river or creek.

Whenever I touch water, I would need a towel.


  1. Tissue Paper

A tissue is useful to wipe sweat and cover injured part of body.

It is nice and clean.

I feel safe and comfortable to have tissue paper with me whenever I’m out.


  1. Plastic Bags

You can use this as a garbage bag.

It is nice to have some food on mountains but don’t forget to bring garbage back.


  1. Maps

Yes, you do have I phone, but it doesn’t work on mountains.

Trust me, I’ve tried but it’s basically no service.

Thus it is extremely important to bring a map with you.

You could get lost without any maps.



How to Enjoy Hiking




Here is basic 4 ways to enjoy hiking.


  1. No Stride

Take small steps. Don’t stride.

Stride makes you tired easily and may damage your knees and ankles especially when going down.


  1. Take Your Time

When you go with others, respect slower individuals and try to walk as same pace as them if possible.

Take your time, get enough breaks and enjoy the air and view!


  1. Drink Water

Needless to say, bring water!

It is extremely important that you have enough water while hiking.

Try to drink little by little because you sweat a lot especially in summer.


  1. Bring Some Food

Hiking uses a lot of energy. Therefore you should bring some snack or food.

It should be something easy to carry and eat.

Don’t forget to bring garbage back.



Hiking is one of the fun activities one can enjoy during summer.

Always be ready and don’t get injury or lost.



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