The Reasons Why I Write English Blog About Japan



Hi everyone!

This post is not talking about Japan but me. I want to share reasons why I run this blog. I hope you understand my passion and share your idea with me!


What is it like to Run Blog Site?

Writing blog is fun and painful. If you write about something you love, it is fun.

If you write something you are not that interested in, it is painful and boring.

Having said that, sometimes it is painful when you write about something you love.


I’m Japanese and I love Japan.
I started to write this blog because I wanted to share about this wonderful country.

Running blog site is to provide information to others.
We all want to know certain things, something we are ineterted in.

It could be weather, gossip, dramas, movies, politicians, ecomony, disease and education etc…

People are looking for information they want to know.

My ultimate goal is to provide proper and sufficient information to those who want to know about Japan.


What is it like to Increase Traffic on Blog Website?

For me, increasing traffic is extremely difficult. First of all, I’m a new blogger and just started to write a few months ago.
I was thinking to write something in Japanese but ended up writing in English.
Because my first language is not English, it takes longer time to write an article.

If I were a native English speaker, I would probably need half time of what I spend right now.

People say keywords are crucial, you gotta learn how to use SEO effectively, use this, do that blah blah blah.

For me, increasing traffic means increasing my fans. If people like my blog, they would visit again. They might check my blog often. They might leave comments and share their ideas with me.


At the beginning, you don’t know how to attract fans.

I didn’t know what exactly foreigners wanted to know about Japan.
I mean, I knew in a vague sense, but I had to be more specific and aim at targets.
Without specific targets, I would never gain fans.


To sum up, increasing traffic on blog site means providing useful information and obtain fans.


How Have I continued Writing Everyday?

Have you written diary everyday?
Did you really keep writing everyday? Or you stopped writing after few days?

Writing something everyday is so brutal at the beginning.
I had a lot of ideas and topics to write about and was very excited to share those.

I’ve tried to write everyday and after Day 10, I was like “oh my god, I’ve just done writing one article but I have to write another one tomorrow. What can I write about? What should I write?”


It is important to set your goals and keep writing to achieve the goals.

Goals could be anything. Keep your goals in your mind and try hard.

Without goals, you don’t know where you are going and you will lose motivation.

I always think of my goals to motivate myself.


What are the Advantages of Running Blog Site?

There are lots of advantages of writing blog. I picked 3 advantages that I think most important.


Writing is to Learn

Whenever you write an article, you learn. I learn everyday because I write everyday. Writing makes you learn again.

For instance, even though I’m Japanese I don’t know everything about Japan.
I have to do research or review what I know.

I neither knew how Hatsumode started nor who started Host Club.
Thus as I write, I learn. I educate myself and it’s pretty interesting to me.


Writing is to Share and Inform 

Another advantage is that I can share imformation with others. I can inform foreigners where to go and what to do in Japan.

I can share how I feel about Black Companies, for instance.

Every blogger has something to share. They want to inform you certain ideas, issues and concerns.

They write because they want to share with others.



Writing is to Know and Meet people

The last advantage I want to talk about is that blog makes me meet others.

I can see my fans and fans can see me.
I can see someone who has similar idea with me.
I can see someone who wants to do business with me.
I can see someone who wants to learn about Japan.
I can see someone who wants to change Japan.

We can make a difference.

I’m ONE person and weak but if I had more people, we will be strong and can make a difference.

Blog makes that possible. It generates power of people, gets attention and move forwards.

I want to do lots of things and I’m hoping to find someone or something through this blog.


Writing blog is not my goal. It’s just beginning.

This is where I start connecting with others.

Races and languages don’t matter.


My adventure just begins. I’m so excited!


My Message to You 

Take your first step if you are interested.

It doesn’t have to be a blog, but anything.


It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

We learn, build strong network and open a door for any possibilities.


This is where we start. Right now.

If you don’t do now, when would you do?


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