What is Airbnb? The differences between Airbnb and Hotel




Have you heard of Airbnb? Have you actually stayed in Airbnb?

In this post I’m going to briefly summarize the differences between Airbnb and hotels.



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What is Airbnb?

The idea of Airbnb was established in San Francisco, U.S.A. Just like carpool, people share a room with Airbnb.

Airbnb in Japan was established in 2011 and the number of users has been increasing.

The types of Airbnb vary and some members (owners) provide yacht and castle as well as house.


4 Differences Between Airbnb and Hotels


Source: http://www.home-designing.com/


Now you have a basic idea of what Airbnb is. Here are differences between Airbnb and hotels.



Staying hotels could cost a lot especially during peak seasons. Airbnb is typically cheaper and more reasonable compared to hotels.

For instance, if you stay in hotel in Tokyo, it could cost over 5,000 yen. Airbnb, on the other hand, costs as low as 2,000 yen per night.

The cost of hotels has been increased in cities so that foreigners prefer to stay in Airbnb.


Authentic Experience

If you travel abroad, you could experience authentic lifestyle with Airbnb. You could find traditional house and enjoy as if you are experiencing homestay. You might also have a chance to taste authentic food if you are lucky.



Interaction with Host

Some hosts provide their place because they like to interact with others. They might take you to sightseeing or eating out.

Check what they offer and you can also ask if they provide specific activities you want to try.


Available Kitchen

Airbnb usually provides kitchen so if you like cooking by yourself, it’s a great choice. If you stay in hotel there is no kitchen so you would have to eat out. It’s up to you, but with Airbnb you have more choices.

Also some people use Airbnb to have a small party. The great thing about having a party in Airbnb is you can sleep right after the party!



What is like to stay in Airbnb?



Airbnb is like short version of homestay. You would have host and share a room.

Just like hotel, you would be provided a key and bed. Some places also provide TV, desk, the Internet, towels and tea.

Each Airbnb is different so check what they offer as amenities before booking.



Problems with Airbnb?



Some owners are concerned about noise made by visitors. Some Japanese owners hesitate to take reservation from foreigners because they are afraid that the guests might have a party and make noise.

Noisy guests affect not only the owner but also the neighbours.




Garbage might be another problem because depending on area, you have to separate garbage.

For instance, you might be asked to separate plastic, paper, food scrap, bottles and caps of bottles.

Owners will be upset if you don’t separate garbage properly.



Language Barrier

Language barrier is another problem. The owner of Airbnb might not speak or read English and you would have difficult time communicating with them.

It might be a good idea to learn some Japanese phrases so that you can communicate with them in Japanese.






Airbnb is becoming more popular and many people are interested in staying Airbnb or being host.


The 4 differences between hotels and Airbnb are:

price, authentic experience, interaction with host and use of kitchen.


I believe that the number of Airbnb will increase and more foreigners would stay in there near future.





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