Nyuto Hot Spring, Lake Tazawa and More to Visit in Akita Prefecture, Japan




Akita has nice sake and food. It has a lot of snow in winter.

What else does it have?


Here are 4 tourist attractions you can visit while you are in Akita prefecture.


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1. Nyutou Hot spring (乳頭温泉)

Source: http://www.nyuto-onsenkyo.com/


Don’t miss this incredible hot spring near Tazawa lake area!!

There are 7 different ryokan (Japanese Inn) and they all have hot spring.

Here are 7 hot spring: Tsuru no Yu (鶴湯), Tae no Yu (妙の湯), Kuroyu Hot spring(黒湯温泉), Ganiba Hot spring (蟹場温泉), Magoroku Hot spring (孫六温泉), Oogama Hot spring (大釜温泉) and Kyuuka village Nyutou Hot spring (休暇村乳頭温泉郷).


Their hot spring is white and looks like milk.


I would try all of hot spring (especially open-air ones) and enjoy snow in winter.



2. Tazawa Lake (田沢湖)




It is located in Senboku city, Akita.

It is the deepest lake in Japan (423 metres depth).

It is the 17th deepest in the world.

Because it’s deep, this lake doesn’t get frozen even during winter.


There is folk tale about Tatsuko.

Tatsuko was a name of a girl and she wanted to stay beautiful and young.

She prayed every night not to get old.

Then God took her and let her drink water from fountain.

After drinking water, she transformed into a dragon and stayed inside the Tazawa Lake.


There is a statue and story about her by the lake.



3.Yokote Kamakura (横手かまくら)





It is located in Yokote city, Akita.

Kamakura is made by snow and people can go in.

It was used to appreciate God of Water in Tohoku area.

Yokote Kamakura is one of the famous events and it has history of 450 years.


It’s usually taken place around February 15, 16 and starts at 6p.m.

Local children welcome you into Kamakura and give you amazake (sweet Japanese drink) and sticky rice cake.


Akita has a lot of snow in winter, so prepare well!


4. Yasu’s Fall (安の滝)


It is located in Akita city and chosen as 2nd most beautiful fall in Japan.


There are upper part and lower part and you can go between them.

It takes about 40-60 minutes to get in front of fall from parking.

It only opens during summer due to heavy snow in winter.




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