4 places to Visit in AOMORI, Tohoku area of Japan




Aomori is located next to prefectures of Akita and Iwate.

Here are 4 places you must visit when you go to Aomori.



1. Shirakami Sanchi (白神山地)


This is one of the National Heritage sites recognized by UNESCO.


It consists of over-1,000-metres mountains and forests.

Central areas don’t have any road and government didn’t develop further as it was added to the National Heritage lists in 1993.


It’s covered by snow half of a year.


If you go there hiking, try Shirakami dake(白神岳), Temgu dake (天狗岳) or Futatsumori (二ツ森).

Shirakami dake has forest limit area so that you don’t see tall trees near summit.

Temgu dake has nice view, while Futatsumori has relatively easy trail.





2. Hakkoda Ropeway (八甲田ロープウェイ)


It is located in Towada Hachiman daira National Park (十和田八幡平国立公園), which is 40 minutes away from Aomori city.


You can enjoy ski or snowboard and hot spring in winter.


In summer you can enjoy hiking.

There are several trails: Hakkoda Gordo line (八甲田ゴードライン) has 30-minute-trail and 60-minutes-trail.

These are popular due to easiness and nice view.


Other trails take between 2 hours ad 4 hours, so you need to prepare well.


The view from ropeway (gondola) is breathtaking during fall because of the leaves turning red and yellow.





3. Hirosaki Castle (弘前城)




It is located in Hirosaki city, Aomori.

It was built in 1611 and owned by Tsugaru clan (津軽氏), which was samurai group from Northern Japan.


There are 8 red bridges. These bridges were to break in case of invasion of enemies. Take pictures with them all!


If you go there in spring, you must see cherry blossoms.

Take picture of sakura (cherry blossoms) and a castle.


In autumn, the place is filled by red leaves.

It’s magnificent and very popular among tourists.



4. Hachinohe Yatai Village MIROKU Yokocyo (八戸屋台村みろく横丁)


This place has different kinds of food stalls (Yatai).

Its goal is to be environmentally friendly.

You can enjoy yummy food and conversation with owners.

As food stalls only take about 8 customers at a time, you might feel crowded.

It’s a nice place to eat seafood and talk to friendly owners.





Aomori has lots of beautiful nature and food.

They are the NO. 1 provider of apples in Japan.

Although it is cold in winter, tourists can visit any time of a year.

Immerse yourself in nature and seafood!



 - Travel 47

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