Best Japanese Food: Appeals of Sushi. Why is it Popular?




Do you like sushi(寿司)?

Until I came to Canada, I didn’t know foreigners eat sushi a lot.

I knew sushi was famous and popular in foreign countries but I was surprised many people ate frequently.


For instance, one of my ex-colleagues, she says she usually eats sushi 3 or 4 times a week.

That means she eats it like every other day.

She also says that she doesn’t mind to eat it every day.

When I was in Japan, I didn’t eat that often.

I think I ate once a week or less…


Today I want to discuss why people like sushi.



What is Sushi?






Have heard those 6 common myths about Sushi?



Sushi usually contains raw fish and rice.

Some sushi, such as Tamago (egg) or Natto (fermented beans),

doesn’t contain raw fish.


Sashimi means raw fish without rice.

In North America, people love to eat different kinds of rolls including

California roll, Dynamite roll, Spider roll… you name it.


In Japan, however, you don’t see those kinds of rolls.

We have rolls but we don’t put avocado or prawn tempura (deep-fried prawn).



Appeals of Sushi


Why do people eat sushi?

Two imperative reasons are health and taste.


More and more people concern about their diet.

Sushi is the best food for them because its calorie is low and fish contains rich nutrition.

DHA, for example, is contained in fish and it prevents blood from coagulation.


Another reason is its taste.

People can enjoy tuna, salmon, squid, etc… with soy sauce.

Combination of sushi and soy sauce (and wasabi) is fantastic.

It’s also nice to have some tea, beer or sake with sushi.


In Japan, you can try various sashimi because each area has different kind of fish.



My dream is to go local sushi places and try all famous sashimi.

I think I want to eat sushi for dinner tonight!




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