Cutters and Tissue? 6 Items You Better Bring to Summer BBQ




In Vancouver area, most people go to BBQ between May and August.

They also go early September if weather permits, but it is usually getting cold and wet in September.


In Japan, people can enjoy BBQ in September or even in October.

I once went to BBQ in August in Japan and it was very hot!

It was near Tokyo and packed by a lot of people.

Then I was thinking I should come back sometime in September or even in October.


What do you usually bring to BBQ?

I’m sure if you go to BBQ, you have certain items to bring.

Today I will discuss what to bring to BBQ.




6 Items to Bring BBQ 


“Hey, whose cup is this?” “Where is my plate?”

This won’t happen if you have a pen!

It’s especially useful if you go BBQ with different group of people.

Just write your name down on your stuff, such as cups and plates if necessary, and no one would take yours.



You might think someone would bring cutters but chances are low.

Bring cutters so you don’t have to burn the rope in order to cut.

A cutter is more practical than scissors as it can cut anything.




Newspapers are useful to clean BBQ equipment such as greasy grill, tongs and brushes.

You can also put newspapers into wet shoes to dry.



Big Plastic Bags



You can put anything into the bags including dirty dishes and equipment.

You can also carry water with bags if needed.

In case of rain, it can protect items from being wet.

If you cover yourself, it would be a disposable raincoat.



Toilet Tissue

It should be in the washroom but in case bring some.

You can also use this to clean tables, dishes, equipment etc…

It’s better than wasting Kleenex.


Wire Hangers

It’s better to bring wire hangers because you can fold and bend them.

Don’t bring fancy ones.

You can hang towels, bags or anything.

You can also make it round and put a plastic bag and use as a garbage bag.

Moreover, you can hang it on tree branch and set lights or lamps.


Add these 6 items on your list if not included and be ready to go BBQ!

Have fun and don’t forget to clean before leaving.

(I’m sure you will!)


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