Black Company Award 2016: Infamous DENTSU is the BLACKEST Company in Japan




Have you heard of Black Company Award? I’m not making it up! It does exist in Japan. Let’s see which company got the Award and nominated as Black Company.



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What is Black Company?

A Black Company is a company that doesn’t follow employment standards. It breaks some of, if not all, the rules and harasses employees.


For instance, a Black Company might force you to work overtime without paying proper compensation.

It might only pay you 80 hours overtime instead of actual 100 hours you have worked.


Black company also involves power harassment, moral harassment and sexual harassment.


Unfortunately, some Japanese take their lives due to such power imbalance and overwork.


More details can be found here → 6 Features of Black Company



What is Dentsu?

This year Dentsu received the Black Company Award. What is Dentsu?


Dentsu (電通) is the biggest advertising company and its headquarters is located in Tokyo.

One of the infamous Dentsu 10 Strict Rules states that employees are to complete tasks even if they are killed.

These rules were issued in 1951 and some of them were reasonable (e.g., work is to be created rather than given).


The problem is that Dentsu hasn’t changed the basic concepts and has been forcing its employees to work overtime.


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Reasons why Dentsu is the Blackest Company


On Christmas, 2015, one of the employees of Dentsu, Matsuri Takahashi, committed suicide.

Her overtime was beyond 130 hours a month and she was exhausted mentally and physically.

There were also two Dentsu employees committed suicide due to overwork in 1991 and 2013. Their overtime exceeded beyond 100 hours a month.


It seems that excessive overtime is pretty common in Dentsu and employees suffer from physical and mental stress all the time.



Other Nominated Black Companies



There were 11 nominees for Black Company Award 2016 including Dentsu.


1.Dentsu Inc (株式会社電通): Advertising Company

2.Ajis Co Ltd (株式会社エイジス): Outsourcing Company

3.Don Quijote (ドン・キホーテ):Discount Store Company

4.Print Pac (株式会社プリントパック): Printing Company

5.Kansai Electric Power Company Inc (関西電力株式会社): Electric Utility

6.Sagawa Express (佐川急便株式会社):Transportation Company

7.Sato Restaurant Systems Co Ltd (サトレストランシステムズ株式会社): Restaurant Groups

8.Ninna Temple (宗教法人・仁和寺): Temple in Kyoto

9.Disgrande Nursing Care (ディスグランデ介護株式会社): Nursing Homes

10.Japan Post Network (日本郵便株式会社): Post Offices

11.DWE JAPAN (DWE JAPAN株式会社): Restaurant Groups



Why is “Japan Post Network” Black Company?

Japan Post Network operates the post offices in Japan.


It was chosen as the Blackest Company and received Online Award based on the result of the online survey.


Employees revealed that they have been exposed to power harassment in a regular basis.


Some employees were forced to buy Nengajo (Japanese New Year Card) when they couldn’t hit an unattainable target.


They also laid off 14,000 part time employees in 2014 without proper explanation.


It’s December and time for Nengajo. Don’t force employees to buy Nengajo!!






Unless you work in a company, you never know if it is a Black Company or not. You can never tell by just looking the surface.


I do hope those Black Companies would change their working habits and respect each other. Employees are not possession of the company.


They are human beings. Everyone has rights equally.


As the company grows bigger and bigger, it becomes more difficult to solve such problems.

Employees are encouraged to leave such company if no changes or improvement are made.


It’s a complicated issue but I hope companies like Fuji Soba influence those Black Companies in Japan.



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