5 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Japan: Money, English and Train




If you are planning to Japan, sometime this year, read this. This explains what you need to know before heading to Japan.

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You Need Cash


You will be probably surprised that many stores don’t take credit cards.

Yup, major department stores and shops do but some small businesses don’t accept cards.


They only accept cash.


Thus some people, if not many, carry over 100,000 yen on their wallet.

100,000 yen!

If I carried that amount in Canada, I’ll be very nervous. I would probably go bank as soon as possible.


Many Japanese Don’t Speak English

Source: https://www.amazon.co.jp



In most major stations and tourist destination, there are signs in English, Chinese and Korean so you don’t have to worry to find your way.

But if you want to ask a question, be aware that many Japanese don’t speak English.

In cities, you may encounter more English speakers. Once you are away from cities, however, you may see no English signs or English speakers.



Learn Basic Japanese

You don’t have to master Japanese before visiting Japan.

But it is always a great idea to learn Japanese language. If you say “Thank you” “Hello” “See you later” or ”Excuse me” in Japanese, Japanese people will be happy.

They will probably try to talk to you in Japanese or English.

I once saw a guy shouting in the airport in English. It was not nice at all and seemed very rude.



Tokyo is Packed. Really!



Anyone comes to Tokyo will be amazed how many people there are in Tokyo.

If you take an airplane, you will be shocked when you get off at Tokyo station.

It’s so big and packed with all sort of people. I really wonder where they come from. I’m from Tokyo but I feel annoyed when I go to crowded station.

If you are not comfortable to be with tons of people within small space, you might feel sick.


Public Transportation is Awesome

One of the best things I love about Japan is accurate transportation system. It’s perfect.

Always on time and carry a lot of people on a train.

The downside is that passengers get upset easily. For instance, if trains are 3 minutes late, some will get really upset and argue.




There are more and more tourists visiting Japan and enjoying their stay. Do your homework and prepare for your visit.

To sum up, you need to remember:

・To bring cash

・To understand many Japanese don’t speak English

・To learn basic Japanese

・That Tokyo is packed

・That public transportation is great



Plan well and have a wonderful stay in Japan!!



Do you have Children’s Day in your country? → Any Children’s Day in Japan?

Do you have your own Bento Box? Japanese Bento Box is popular → Go Green with Japanese Bento Box



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