Go Green with Japanese Bento Box: Where to Get Bento Boxes?




Do you have any Japanese Bento Box? 
Have you seen one?

This post introduces you what a Japanese Bento Box is like.



What is a Bento Box?


A Bento box contains home-made food. Contents of Bento Box vary and there is no definite rule in terms of ingredients.

Japanese usually put rice, vegetables, meat or fish and sometimes fruits.

A Bento Box is a part of Japanese culture and many people use it: from small children to the elderly.


When do Japanese Use a Bento Box?

Some Japanese use Bento Boxes everyday. If they are high school students, they need lunch so bring Bento Boxes.

If they are full-time workers, they might bring Bento Boxes everyday.

Bento Boxes can be also seen for special events like picnic, hiking, and BBQ.

Instead of packing sandwich, some Japanese bring Bento Boxes. I’d bring a Bento Box or rice balls when I go hiking or picnic.



Where do Japanese Buy a Bento Box?


Because a Bento Box is a part of Japanese culture, it’s easy to find it
. You could buy it online or at stores.

There are various sizes, colours and designs.

If you want to get a perfect one, go to several stores to compare Bento Boxes. Once you get a Bento Box, it lasts long.


I still have Bento Boxes that I used when I was small. 
I don’t use them but they are just memory for our family.


How much is a Bento Box?

The price of Bento Box varies because it depends on designs, materials and sizes. Typical Bento Box costs somewhere between 1,000 yen to 3,000 yen.

If you don’t have any idea what to get, just compare the price and size.
 It’s fine to get a cheap one at first because even a cheap one lasts long.


After using it, you will know what you want to get for next time.

You might need to get a bigger Bento Box, or you might feel like getting a better material.

As you use you will know how practical Bento Box, so use it and Go Green!!




A Bento Box is pretty popular in Japan but I don’t see it in Canada.

Canadians use bigger containers and they don’t really care about designs. 
All they care is the size I think.

So when my friends and colleagues saw my Bento Box, they would say 
”Oh my god! So cute!!” “Is it enough? So small!!”
 “You have chopsticks too Wow, Great!”


If you ive in Japan, try to use one.

Get a small one and enjoy Ohanami with it. Go to picnic.

If you visit Japan, get a Bento Box as a souvenir.




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