What is a Japanese Black Company? 6 Common Features of Black Company




Have you heard of a term Black company or Black Cooperate?

It is a Japanese term and written as Black kigyo (ブラック企業).


What is a Black Company and why do Japanese have difficult time because of them?



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Definition of a Black Company

This expression was created in early 2000s and I’m sure it comes from Blacklist.


A Black Company, as you can imagine, uses their employees to exploits profits and usually forces employees to work overtime without paying properly.


Even some big companies are Black Companies, so it’s difficult to know until you start to work there.

A lot of victims didn’t know their company was a Black Company until they worked.



6 Examples of What a Black Company Does


This is a video of quick summary of Black Company → Summary of Black Company


No Overtime Paid

It’s reasonable that employees engage with overtime once in a while.

They might, for example, need to deal with more duties within limited time frame at the end of month.


However, if employees work overtime, company has to pay accordingly.

It’s the law and employees shouldn’t work overtime if they don’t get paid for it.


Nevertheless, some companies don’t pay at all or they state fake amount of time so that it seems they don’t breach the regulations.


Inaccurate Salary

Some companies pay hourly, while others pay monthly.

Monthly pay may be tricky and employees may not get what they are supposed to.


For instance, if monthly wage is 300,000 yen, a Black Company gives employees 300,000 yen including overtime.

If they think hourly, they assume their wage is above 1,800 yen and they feel satisfied when they start to work.

After having worked for a couple of month, however, they learn that the company forces them to do overtime everyday and it exceeds over 80 hours per month.


They are supposed to get 300,000 yen plus overtime, but the company doesn’t pay them. They just get 300,000 yen. That’s all.



Excessive Overtime



According to the law, companies can ask employees to work up to 45 hours overtime every month.

To do this, employees must agree and sign the document.

Nonetheless, a Black Company neither asks nor mentions about overtime.


They force employees to stay everyday. Some Black Companies force over 80 hours or even 100 hours of overtime per month and employees would be both mentally and physically ill.



Power Harassment

Some managers and CEOs think that they are the king or queen and employees are their slaves.


They don’t respect employees at all and swear and engage in name calling in front of others.


They like to bully and harass the employees so that they feel as if they have power.

They want to show that they can do whatever they want.

If employee A quits due to power harassment, they would target employee B to show their power.



Unattainable Targets

Black Companies tend to set unrealistic targets.


They think their companies first and don’t care about their employees.


They think they can use employees to make profits and they don’t pay enough to employees.

If employees cannot hit target, managers or CEOs might insult them in front of other employees.


They give employees pressure and stress but not money.


Some Black Companies, indeed, ask employees to pay for the products or penalty to make up the profits.






Before working in a company, you never know if the company is a Black or White Company.

When you have an interview, CEO or managers might insist good things about the company.


For example, they might say, “you will be doing great. I’m sure you will get promoted within a year as a supervisor and you will get more salary.”


You will realize that it’s all lie.

You never get promoted even you work so hard.


Your wage is way too low compared to other companies within the same industry.


A Black Company might also say that you have to work for them so hard because it’s their rule and that’s how you get paid.

They use magical words and attract your desire and they will use you as much as possible.




Black Companies are a real headache in Japanese society.

You might think Japanese should just quit if the company is Black.

In reality, it’s very difficult to predict if a company is Black or White. Moreover, one cannot quit easily because of social status and threat.



We need to avoid those Black Companies… But how?

Here is How to Predict Black Company


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