Black Company Goes Into the Black on Cyber Monday? Why Japan Has Online Black Friday?




After eating turkey, Americans and Canadians rush to retails to get items on sale. Black Friday is one of the biggest events in North America.

People go crazy and obsessed to buy their targets. Does Japan have Black Friday?



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What is Black Friday?


Black Friday is shopping sale taken place in the US. It’s followed by Thanksgiving Day and retails sell items with deep discounts.

Canada also has Black Friday and Canadians rush to shopping mall during the Black Friday Sale.


Japan didn’t have Black Friday Sale before but this year, 2017, some retails held Black Friday Sale.


What Stores Held Black Friday Sale in Japan?


Below are store that held Black Friday Sale in 2017.


H&M: Theme was black and they held “Black Friday Weekend Collection.”


Aeon: 50% off on clothes and food but discount depends on items and retails.


UNIQLO: Taken place for 7 days until November 29th. Some sweaters and jackets have 2000 yen discount.


Gap: They offered 100 yen sweaters (!?) and items with 50% off!


Toys”R”Us: They offer Black Friday Bag that contains various items (I assume).


Why does Japan Hold Black Friday Sale?



Because the US holds it. Japan wants to imitate whatever the US does.

Also retailers want to sell old items and get new ones. They don’t want to keep out-of-fashion items. They need space to put new items.


They need to sell items with discount because they want to boost sales for November (usually November is quiet and hard to boost sales in Japan).


Black Friday in Canada and USA

The first year I came to Canada, I didn’t know about Black Friday. There were probably lots of commercials on TV but I didn’t pay attention.


When I watched news the night of Black Friday, I saw people grabbing TV and running to a cashier.

I was like “What is it? Some kind of competition??”


Then I learned it was Black Friday and North Americans spend a lot of money to buy various items.

Some people simply buy items for themselves, while others buy items for Christmas.

People line up and wait, push others, run and purchase products.

It’s like war. I cannot take it.


What I think About Black Friday in Japan

This is another commercialized event from the US.

Japanese! They don’t have to copy everything from the US.


First of all, Japan doesn’t even have Thanksgiving Day. It has Labour Day but it’s different from Thanksgiving Day.

This Black Friday is supposed to be post-Thanksgiving sale but Japanese hold it even though they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day. That seems weird to me.


Some Japanese think it’s annoying, while others love it.


Me? I think retailers desperately want to get customers. Yes, of course they do.

Whatever the US does, Japan wants to follow. Loves to copy.


To name a few, Valentine’s Day was commercialized by a chocolate company and Christmas is one of the biggest events in Japan.

Why? They are not even Christian (a few of them are).


Japanese markets somehow love to imitate American events. Such events include Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas (by the way, there is “White Day” which piggybacks Valentine’s Day).

These kinds of events are powerful and influential because media talks about them everyday and people see them often. They don’t know what it is or they don’t know what it supposed to mean. They like to enjoy festival-like atmosphere.


As a child, I felt very excited to wait for Christmas because I could get gifts. As I grew up I realized I didn’t have to celebrate Christmas and it’s all about commercials.





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