Does Japan have Boxing Day?Any Boxing Day Sales in Japan?




Have you bought anything during Black Friday Sales? If you haven’t bought anything, don’t worry. Your next chance will be coming soon- Boxing Day.




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What is Boxing Day?


In Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, people shop till they drop on Boxing Day. Lots of items go on sale and people love to shop during this big sale of the year.

The US doesn’t have Boxing Day Sales as many people shop during Black Friday Sales.



Origins of Boxing Day

There are some theories and I’m going to introduce one from England.

It’s said that the first Boxing Day was observed during 1830s. The initial concept was to give presents (Christmas-box) to servants and errand-boys.

Because they had to spend Christmas with their masters, they would visit their own families on December 26th. Upon this special visiting, masters would give them presents or food to appreciate their work.


It’s been commercialized and promoted as a shopping day, rather than giving gifts to employees in modern society.



Does Japan Have Boxing Day?



The answer is NO, Japan doesn’t have Boxing Day. December 26th is not a holiday and no big sales are taken place on that day.

In fact, most Japanese go to work and spend time just like one of the regular days.

When I was in Japan, I didn’t know what Boxing Day was because media didn’t focus on this. Japanese focus on more about Christmas Eve and Christmas! (although many are not Christian.)


What do Japanese do on Boxing Day?

Because Boxing Day is not a holiday in Japan, usually people go to work. Some people might take a vacation but it’s not because of Boxing Day.


Most companies in Japan are busy until the end of December, thus they have to work. Perhaps overtime.


When I was working in Japan, I worked on Christmas and Boxing Day (December 26th) because it was busy and everybody else was working.

It was one of the regular working days. Nothing was special.


Any Holiday Sales Similar to Boxing Day in Japan?



Instead of Boxing Day, most of retailers in Japan hold New Year Sales.

It’s usually called “Hatsu-uri” sale (literally means “first selling”), Shin-nen (New Year) sale or something like that.


Starting on January 1st, retailers would promote items for sale and lots of people rush to retailers.

Some stores offer Fukubukuro, which contains valuable items for lower price.



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There is no Boxing Day and December 26th is not a holiday in Japan.

What Japanese enjoy instead is the New Year Sales. They would check their favorite retailers and rush to get Fukubukuro or special New Year items.


I didn’t and don’t like crowded places so I was not interested in New Year Sales. However, I went sales when I was in high school.

It was crazy and girls and mature women were scary when it comes to shopping. That’s what I thought.

Even if I have a chance to get items with deep discount, I don’t like to go during the New Year Sales.



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