What are the Differences Between Capsule Hotels and Hotels? How Much?




Have you stayed in capsule hotel?

It is a very unique type of hotel in Japan.

Let’s find out what it is!

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Capsule Hotels in Japan


There are hotels called “capsule hotel” in Japan.

As you can imagine form the name, it is a hotel.


It’s usually cheaper than regular hotels.


The big differences are its room size and design.


In fact, a person can barely lie down and no extra space is given within a room.

That’s why it’s called “capsule.”


Capsule hotels have been mostly used by male customers.


There were female customers but some capsule hotels were only available to male customers.


However, more and more female customers use capsule hotels nowadays.

There has been a dramatic changes the past 5 years.

As a result of changes, some are available to females only.



What is a Capsule Hotel Like?



The first capsule hotel was open in Osaka in 1979.


Capsule hotels are smaller version of inn.

You would be given a small space as your room.


The space is like box or container.


It’s a space for sleeping so you cannot eat or do exercise.

Trust me, there is NO WAY you can do other than sleeping. It’s that small!!



What Amenities are Available in Capsule Hotels?


There is usually a TV, radio, light, clock and futon (blanket) within a box.


You need to bring your towel, toothbrush and soap. Or they might sell at the reception desk.


The space is essentially for sleeping only so it’s extremely tiny.

You will be surprised how small it is.


When you are ready to sleep, just go in, lie down and watch TV if you want, and sleep.


As I mentioned earlier, the number of female guests has been increasing, so some capsule hotels have unique features and services.

Some capsule hotels are bigger than others and have luxury decoration or interior, while others have a big public bathtub.



How Much is a Capsule Hotel?


One of the reasons why capsule hotels are popular is its price.


It’s way cheaper than hotel.


Depending on area and types, but lower price starts around 3000 yen~5000 yen.

It’s about half or 1/3 of the regular hotels.


That is why it’s popular among young individuals and travelers.

Even those who miss last train after drinking sometimes stay in a Capsule Hotel (they have a home or apartment but stay there).


It is usually close to station and quite convenient.


Yes, it‘s too tiny to do other things rather than sleeping.

But it is worth if you consider the price.


There is shared washroom and public bath.

Some have lounge and rest area, so you can enjoy TV and relax before sleeping.

You need to get food and drinks by yourself.



I’ve stayed in capsule hotels and it was quite interesting experience.

If I have a chance, I would like to try different kinds of capsule hotels.




If you visit Japan and want to experience peculiar Japanese culture, I would recommend you to try Capsule Hotels.


Although there are different kinds of capsule hotels and some have developed bigger spaces, it’s usually not very comfortable to sleep.


And you can hear others while sleeping.

If you are sensitive to noise, you might not sleep well.


If you are interested, take a look Capsule Hotel Lists and experience Japanese culture!





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