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Why is the Japanese Shy? Genetic or Environmental Factors?

  2016/08/28    Culture

スポンサーリンク   What is your impression about Japanese? Quiet? Polite? Shy? Hard-working?   Today I’m going to discuss Japanese shyness and I want to explain my point of view.

What is SUMO? Basic Guide to Japanese Sumo Wrestling

  2016/08/23    Culture

スポンサーリンク   Traditional Sport ‘SUMO’   Do you know what is Japanese national sport?   We do not have official national sport that declared by government.   However, Japanese believe that Budo (武道) or martial arts is Japanese national sport. …

Maternity Leave Benefits in Japan. What Country Has the Best Benefits?

  2016/08/21    Culture

スポンサーリンク What is Maternity Leave?   Maternity leave is a benefit that mothers receive money from government while they take care of their babies. Specific terms vary depending on countries.   It usually requires that the same company has employed …

Is Japanese Polite or Fake? Conformity and 3 Other Reasons to Form Japanese Politeness

  2016/08/20    Culture

スポンサーリンク     Some say Japanese are polite. Others say they are fake. What do you think? Why are they considered polite?

Driving on the Left in Japan. Why is it Left?

  2016/08/20    Culture

スポンサーリンク   Most of countries have right-hand traffic. That is, people drive cars and motorcycles on the right side of the road. Some countries, however, have left-hand traffic. Japan is one of them and others include England, Australia, Malaysia, South …

What is Cosplay in Japan? 7 Steps to be Cosplayers

  2016/08/17    Culture

What is Cosplay in Japan?   Have you heard of Cosplay? It is a contraction of costume and play. People wear special costume and make-up, if necessary, to imitate specific character. Those characters are usually from cartoon, comic books, movies, …

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