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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Update in Japan

  2020/03/27    Natural Disaster

スポンサーリンク     Not only in Japan but anywhere in the world, coronavirus has been the hot topic. Why are people afraid? Because they don’t know what it is and they cannot see it. It not only makes people sick …

Weather News: Typhoon Trami Update: Where is it? How Strong is it?

  2018/07/29    Natural Disaster

スポンサーリンク       Typhoon Trami (the 24th storm passing by Japan this year) is approaching to Kyushu area as of 3p.m., Sunday, September 30.   This typhoon is very powerful and was equivalent of Category 2 hurricane when it passed Okinawa …

Where is Super Typhoon Lan? Weather News October 23

  2017/09/17    Natural Disaster

スポンサーリンク     Update at 5a.m. Oct 23rd Typhoon Lan is passing by Kanto area this morning and it is approaching to Tohoku area by noon.   Fukuoka, Osaka will be cloudy and the temperature goes up to 20℃ Tokyo …

Weather Update Tokyo Area Aug 19: Heavy Rain and Flood Waring

  2017/08/19    Natural Disaster

Weather Update as of Aug 19 5:30p.m.   スポンサーリンク     Heavy rain is expected in Tokyo and Kanto area. Be prepare.   Landslide Warning  Tochigi Prefecture: Utsunomiya City, Sakura City, Takanezawa town   Heavy Rain and Flood Warning Tochigi …

Weather News: Update on Typhoon Noru (Aug 7)

  2017/08/06    Natural Disaster

スポンサーリンク   Update at noon Aug 6 Typhoon Noru is about to hit the Kyushu area and some residents in certain communities in Kagoshima have been evacuated. As of 10a.m. more than 14,000 homes have a blackout within Kagoshima Prefecture. …

When is the Rainy Season in Japan? What are Pros and Cons?

  2017/04/03    Culture, Natural Disaster

スポンサーリンク   Does you country have the rainy season? If you do, when is it? This post shows you when the rainy season is in Japan as well as advantages and disadvantages of the rainy season.  

Emergency Calls in Japan: Where to Call if You don’t Speak Japanese?

  2017/03/26    Culture, Natural Disaster

スポンサーリンク   What would you do if you have a car accident? What would you do if you have severe pain in your stomach? Do you know what number to call?   This post summarizes important contact numbers in case …

Not Only Fukuoka’s Sinkhole: Japan Fixes Everything Fast Even after Earthquakes!

  2016/11/19    Natural Disaster

スポンサーリンク   Japan has a large number of earthquakes every year and sometimes big ones destroy road and buildings. But don’t worry. Japanese fix everything instantly. I’m not exaggerating but it’s truly instant compared to other countries. Let’s see some …

Summaries of ITALY Earthquakes and JAPAN Earthquakes 2016

  2016/11/01    Natural Disaster

スポンサーリンク       Italy Earthquakes Italians were devastated due to the earthquake happened in August 2016 and they just had another one on October 30th. Below is summary of quick facts of earthquakes.   August Where: 10km southeast of …

What Do We Do After a Big Earthquake Strikes?

  2016/08/19    Natural Disaster

スポンサーリンク   One of the good things staying in Canada is there is not much earthquakes. Japan has millions of earthquakes every year but I rarely feel them in here. There are, of course, earthquakes in Canada but usually far …

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