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Plum and Garlic: 6 Items Good for Hangover after Fun Party

  2016/10/15    Food

スポンサーリンク   After a fun party, you feel sick and exhausted…… I’m sure you have experienced this terrible “hangover” at least once if you like drinking! What do you do when you have a hangover? Do you do something special? …

Who Invented Cup Noodle? History of Instant Noodle

  2016/09/06    Food

スポンサーリンク     Do you eat instant noodles?   There are various kinds of instant noodles in Japan. Some taste really great so that people are addicted to them.   Today I’m going to discuss history of instant noodle.  

What is Traditional Japanese Cuisine?

  2016/09/06    Food

スポンサーリンク     Do you eat Japanese food? Japanese food is not only sushi, but do you know what others are?   Today I’m going to discuss Japanese cuisine.     History of Japanese Cuisine   It is believed that …

Sushi is not the Only Food! 5 Yummy Food You Must Eat in Japan

  2016/08/30    Food

スポンサーリンク   Do you like Japanese food? What is your Japanese favorite food? In Canada and US, sushi is very popular. Some people think that Japanese eat sushi everyday or all Japanese know how to roll and make sushi.   …

History of Coffee in Japan. When did it come to Japan?

  2016/08/27    Food

スポンサーリンク   What do you think Japanese drink? Do you think they like Japanese green tea?   They do drink green tea, black tea and other kinds of drinks but coffee is most popular.   You will be surprised that …

What is Popular BBQ Menu in Japan?

  2016/08/20    Food

スポンサーリンク   What do you cook when you go to BBQ? I’m sure you have certain items to cook.     Here are 10 popular menus you could try at outdoor BBQ. Potato with Butter  Put potatoes, salt and butter …

Manners at All You Can Eat Restaurant

  2016/08/16    Food

スポンサーリンク   All you can eat buffet in Japan is different from that of Canada. In Canada, I’ve been to all you can eat for Japanese and Chinese food. We order at the table and waitress would bring the food. …

What is the popular IZAKAYA Menu? Plus Tips for Dating Japanese Girls

  2016/08/16    Food

As I stay in Canada, I miss a lot of things in Japan. One of them is Izakaya (居酒屋). There are some Izakaya in Vancouver, but I still miss Japanese ones.       What is Izakaya?   Izakaya have …

Best Japanese Food: Appeals of Sushi. Why is it Popular?

  2016/08/10    Food, Sushi ,

スポンサーリンク   Do you like sushi(寿司)? Until I came to Canada, I didn’t know foreigners eat sushi a lot. I knew sushi was famous and popular in foreign countries but I was surprised many people ate frequently.   For instance, …

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