Causes and Solutions: Japanese Neets Reveal How They Became NEET




Have you heard of a term “Neet“? It was used in England in 1999 and it’s acronym of “Not in Education, Employment or Training.”

It’s used to describe jobless young individuals in Japan.


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How Have They Become Neet?


What made people Neet vary and the relationships with family and social interaction have great influence.

Below is based on real Neet stories from Japan.


Case 1: Perfectionist Father and Controlling Mother

Neet Guy A
My father is perfectionist. Everything has to be followed by his value and rules. For instance, when I was a child I washed the dishes and he didn’t like how I washed. He said it was not completely clean and he would wash again by himself. 

He continues that he also feels pressure from his mother.

Neet Guy A
 My mother didn’t like when I got her permission to invite my friends to my house. She had this “all children are dirty and nasty” idea so that I couldn’t invite anyone. Thus I stopped to invite friends and play with them. I would go to their house if they invited me.

I gradually became reluctant to interact with others because I didn’t have enough opportunities to play and talk with them. I didn’t know when I was a kid, but I think my mother was mysophobia and she brainwashed me with the concept of “people are not clean.”

Due to her influence, I felt friends were dirty and I have never invited anyone into my room. Ever.

He accuses his parents to make him Neet. They set strict rules and controlled him. He lost interest in social interaction and didn’t know how to communicate with others.




Case 2: Overprotective Mother

Here is another story from a Neet girl:


Neet Girl A

My mother has been interfering my life excessively and we’ve always argued. She wants to know where I’m going, with whom I’m playing and when I’m coming back. She asks everything.

I understand as a parent, she is worried about me. But it’s been too much. I have had enough. I then developed eating disorder. I couldn’t complete high school and I’m not able to work full-time. I think my mother affected me so much and her overprotective behaviour was the biggest reason why I became a Neet. 


Another Neet guy says:

Neet Guy B
 My parents always told me what to do and I just followed without thinking. After I started to work in a company, I realized I didn’t know what to do.

I didn’t know how to clean so had to ask senior colleagues. It made me pretty anxious and worried. I didn’t know how to adapt in social setting. I had no confidence and always felt upset and anxious. 

His parents were overprotective and that triggered a step to Neet.



Case 3: Strong Self-Consicousness

Neet Girl B
 I used to feel extremely self-conscious when I worked as a part-time. I was too concentrated to communicate with others while on shift.

I was diagnosed as development disability. That was why I couldn’t learn and adapt in working environment.

I didn’t have any full-time jobs. Most of my jobs were part-time and I quit within a year. I have worked in supermarket, factory and senior’s home.

Senior’s home was hard but I liked that seniors talked to me and appreciated my work. I felt as if I was needed by someone other than family member. However, my strong self-consciousness didn’t go away. I was mentally exhausted and quit working in senior’s home. 




7 Ways to Resolve a Neet Life


Here are 7 practical solutions to get out of “Neet Life.”


1. Strong Mind

It’s difficult but very important to have a strong mind. Neets must have clear intention to get jobs and quit being Neet.

Needless to say, it’s almost impossible to get out of Neet life cycle unless you keep trying and looking for jobs.

It’s also essential not to give up easily.


2. Interaction

Some Neets are not good at communicating with others. However, it’s important to interact with others as you live your life.

Communication provides you all sorts of emotions such as happiness, excitement, anger, anxiety and confidence.

Some people might give you hope and you might think you want to give them hope back.

Some people might give you useful information.


3. Exercise

Just an easy quick exercise makes a difference. You don’t have to run, bike or go to gym. You can just do stretch, walking or whatever you like.

You will see the difference. Exercise refreshes your mind and you will be physically and mentally healthy.

After exercise, you will feel less stressed out.


4. Plan Goals

It’s imperative to plan and complete your mission everyday. Goals don’t have to be something great or big. You can set small goals daily and try to achieve them.

For instance, if you stay at home all day, your first goal is to go out for 5 minutes. You can just walk around your house for 5 minutes. You will be able to try 10 minutes next week.


5. Believe in Yourself

Most of Neets have lost their confidence. Hence, it’s necessary to get it back. If they stay at home and don’t go out at all, try to change lifestyle gradually.

For instance, if you play computer game for 6 hours a day, try to play 4 hours. You can do something else with the extra 2 hours.

You might find something on the Internet and may study something interesting for you. Believe that you can do it. Don’t think that you are useless or coward. Take your time.


6. Find a Soul Mate or Love

This might be the best idea if you try to get out of Neet life. When you like someone, you have more power. Love makes people strong and confident.

If you like someone and if you want to date, you need to get job and money. Don’t push yourself too hard but this may help you to work regularly.


7. Experience Loss of Supports

Neets can survive because they have parent(s) who support(s) them. If their parent(s) become sick or pass(es) away, they need to work.

Even if the parent(s) own house, they need to pay hydro and food at least.

In fact, some Neets start working as they cannot be dependent on parents anymore.




The reasons vary how one ends up being a “Neet.”

It is not easy to overcome but Neet individuals have to try to solve the problem.


I have introduced 7 solutions to quit Neet:

  1. Have Strong Mind
  2. Interact with Other People
  3. Exercise Regularly
  4. Plan Specific Goals
  5. Believe in Yourself
  6. Find a Soul Mate or Love
  7. Experience Loss of Supports


It is not easy to stop living in Neet Life, but it is important to try different method so that she or he can quit being Neet.



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