What is Cosplay in Japan? 7 Steps to be Cosplayers


What is Cosplay in Japan?


Have you heard of Cosplay? It is a contraction of costume and play.

People wear special costume and make-up, if necessary, to imitate specific character.

Those characters are usually from cartoon, comic books, movies, dramas, music groups or video games.


Cosplayers refer people that represent specific characters.

It’s popular in Japan and other countries.





When Did Cosplay Start?


During Edo period, between 1603 and 1868, some street dancers and artists wore costumes and represented characters from history or stories.

They used to walk on the street as group and showed their costumes and performance.


During 1990s, the number of cosplayers increased in Japan.

As a result, a large number of cafes and restaurants made their waitress cosplayers and entertain customers.

The famous places are Akihabara (秋葉原) and Harajyuku (原宿) in Tokyo.

You will even see some cosplayers on the street if you visit Akihabara or Harajyuku area.



7 Steps to be a Cosplayer


If you are new to cosplay, here is 7 steps you could take to be a cosplayer.


Step 1: Get Information on the Character

Decide who you want to be.

Get information online.


Step 2: Jot Down What to Get

Write down what you need to buy.

Check items such as costume, wig, colour contact lenses and shoes.

Don’t forget to check weapon if you are a soldier.


Step 3: Purchase Items

You can either buy online or visit stores.

Check different places and get best items!


Step 4: Learn How to Put on Make-up

Observe character’s face and try to replicate the face.

Check eyes, eye blows, skin colour, nose, mouth and any scar or tattoo.


Step 5: Practice Make-up

If you have cosmetics, use yours.

If you have none, or if you need to buy extra item, you can try a dollar store.


Step 6: Take Pictures

It’s time to selfie! Wear costume and make-up and take pictures.

Pose and imitate the facial features of the character.


Step 7: Join Cosplay Group

You can participate any communities you want.

You can share your stories and concerns with others.

You might find someone who likes the same character as you.

And you might be able to share how to be the character:that is, tips for detailed costumes, accessories and make-up.


You may feel shy to cosplay at first, however you will get used to it.

You may eventually want to create detailed costumes by yourself and go to events to see other cosplayers.

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