No Doubt Japan Has the Best Courier Services: Yamato, Sagawa and More




Have you used courier services in Japan? What did you feel?

This post introduces awesome courier services in Japan. If you try this, you don’t want to use courier services in other countries.



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What are Courier Services Like in Japan?

When I was in Japan, I didn’t appreciate how good courier services were in Japan. Many Japanese probably don’t know the system works really well and it’s a part of their daily life.


Couriers in Japan are quick, punctual and responsible with great care.

Whatever you order online, for instance, comes on time. You can even choose preferable time frame.




What is History of Courier Services in Japan?


Before the introduction of courier services, early 1900s, parcel post and train were the only ways to deliver packages in Japan. Thus people had to receive the package in the post office or train stations.


The needs of courier services have increased and they boosted the number of companies during 1980s due to introduction of convenience stores.



What are Major Courier Companies in Japan?

There are a few famous courier companies in Japan.

Those include:

Yamato Transport (Yamato Unyu:ヤマト運輸)

Sagawa Express (Sagawa Kyubin:佐川急便)

Nippon Express (Nihon Tsuun:日本通運)

Seinou Transportation (Seinou Unyu:西濃運輸)

Fukuyama Transporting (Fukushima Unyu:福山通運)



They have different features, so confirm with your needs. (e.g., how big is package? Which one is cheaper?)

In Tokyo, most of courier services are Yamato, Sagawa and Nippon Express.



Why are Japanese Courier Services Special?



The main reason why Japanese courier services are special is because of their accuracy. They always come on time.


What amazes me is that they can deliver items within 2-hour window. They are always on time and never late upon request.


If you miss to receive your parcel, you can request redeliver with 2-hour window later the day or next day.



In Canada, it never happens. You never know when it comes and they don’t redeliver all the time.

One time I had to drive all the way to get my parcel. It was like going to Yokohama from Shinjuku. It was so waste of my time and I missed Japanese courier services very much!!



How are Japanese Courier Services Going to Change?


Some companies like Yamato Transport consider reducing time window. Right now the time window is every 2 hours. But because burden on drivers is too heavy to control, they want to eliminate 12p.m.-2p.m. and 8p.m.-9p.m. window.


Instead, they would have bigger window, something like: 12-4p.m. and 6p.m.-9p.m.


I do appreciate their hard work, so I think it’s better for the drivers.

As a consumer I want to get my package as soon as possible, or when I’m available. The number of packages, however, exceeds the number of drivers.


I do hope this new time frame works fine.




I surely believe that courier services in Japan are the best!

Because more and more people shop online and send items to each other, courier services play an important role in society.


I used to shop online sometimes when I was in Japan, but now I don’t really order online unless I have to.

I prefer not to go pick up my parcel all the way!


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