Who Invented Cup Noodle? History of Instant Noodle





Do you eat instant noodles?


There are various kinds of instant noodles in Japan.

Some taste really great so that people are addicted to them.


Today I’m going to discuss history of instant noodle.




Who Invented Instant Noodles?

You see instant noodle everywhere and there are countless flavours.

You can even find Indian Curry flavour and Thai Tom Yum flavour.

But do you know what the very first instant noodle was?


Japanese company, “Nisshin Foods Holdings” was the first company to sell instant noodles.

Its founder, Andou Momofuku (安藤百福), invented “Nisshin Chicken Ramen” and “Cup Noodle” and these noodles became very popular and famous.



Why was Instant Noodle Invented?

During 1940s, Japan didn’t have enough food and it imported food from the US. However, most of the food US exported was made by flour such as bread and biscuits.

Then Japanese government promoted to eat more bread.


Andou believed that Japanese should eat noodles instead of bread because noodles were better.

Noodles, he argued, had soup and vegetables inside a bowl so they had more nutrition.


Nevertheless, it was difficult for Japanese government to get ingredients for noodles back then.

As a result, they suggested Andou to do research on his own.


Andou kept trying to learn how to cook noodle quickly and how to preserve it.

He failed many times but didn’t give up.


After one year of research, he finally completed Chicken Noodle and sold it.

It was 1958.


Japanese got shocked and amazed by this magical ramen and became big fans of it.




How did He Come up with the Idea of Cup Noodle?




In 1966, Andou visited US and Europe to expand business.

While his stay in US, he saw Americans breaking Chicken Noodle into 2 pieces, putting it into paper cup and eating.

It gave him inspiration and he decided to make instant noodle in a cup.

In other words, he wanted to make portable instant noodles.


In 1971, he started to sell Cup Noodle in US.

It was not easy at the beginning, however.

He couldn’t find proper companies that corporate with him in US.


In 1973, Cup Noodle was named “Cup O Noodles.

Since then it has been distributing to 80 countries.




The passion of Ando Momofuku made him a successful business man.

He almost lost everything before inventing Chicken Noodle.


However, he didn’t give up and kept trying to invent magical ramen.

If we believe in ourselves, nothing is impossible.


This story taught me that.



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Do you love instant noodles? What is your favorite flavour?

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