Definition of Typhoon: 4 Things to do When a Typhoon Approaches




Have you experienced typhoons (台風) in Japan?


As a child, I was a bit excited and anxious when a typhoon passed by Japan.

It usually causes heavy rain and strong wind.

It is different from a hurricane, but both are very powerful storms.


Today I will discuss what to do to minimize damage from a typhoon if it hits Japan.




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How Typhoons are Formed?

A typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone.

It usually appears near tropical areas because water temperature is high and vertical updraft is easily created by warm water.


Its power is accumulated while it moves and it becomes a huge, devastating storm.


Those typhoons formed far from Japan usually hit Okinawa(沖縄), Kyusyu(九州) area and Honshu(本州) area.

From time to time, they are also formed near Kanto (関東) area and go up to north to Tohoku (東北) and even to Hokkaido (北海道).



What to do When Typhoons are Approaching




If you stay in Japan and typhoon is coming to your area, what should you do?

Here are 4 tips to do when a typhoon approaches to your area.


Stay Away from Mountains


I went hiking once when it was sunny, but the weather quickly changed and started to rain.

Weather in mountains is abrupt and cannot be predicted.

If a typhoon is approaching, stay away from mountains.

It will be very slippery and landslide might occur.



Stay Away from Water


It is absolutely a no-no to get close to any water including river, ocean, lake, and even manholes.

Sometimes people try to go check their boats on harbor and slipped into water and pass away.

Some surfers love to go ocean when typhoons come, but big waves will kill them for sure.



Stay inside the Buildings, Schools and Homes


It is recommended to stay inside the building because it is the safest place to be during the storm.

Needless to say, you won’t be blown away by a sudden gust of wind or soaked by heavy rain if you are not out.

If you are outside, nonetheless, objects might be flying towards you.



Don’t Use Umbrellas


Your umbrella would probably be broken and it makes you hard to walk against rain and wind.

I’ve seen those inside out umbrellas due to a gust of wind.

Wind could reach up to 60/kmp or more, so it may fly your umbrella away.


In Conclusion



To sum up, go home and stay inside the building when a typhoon approaches.

Also check the news and any warning in your area.

I would always do so and that is the best tip for you!




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