How Black is DENTSU? 4 Unbelievable Dentsu Customs that Make it Black Company




I’ve talked that Dentsu is a Black company that exploits employees’ energy, power and even life. However, I’ve never worked at Dentsu and don’t know what it’s like to work there.

Fortunately, I’ve found an article that was written by a person who had worked with Dentsu before.


Black Customs of Dentsu

This individual (I would call him Toshi in this post) used to work with Dentsu for the past few years and he noticed Black Customs (Rules) that existed within Dentsu. Below are 4 customs I want to share with you today.


What’s Overtime? Crazy Working Schedule

As I have mentioned Is Dentsu Black Company? employees at Dentsu work long hours and must deal with unrealistic requests. They would be called to go back to office anytime, even midnight.


One night, Toshi was with one of the Dentsu employees and he was called to go back to office at 11p.m. 11p.m. not 11 in the morning!

Then he went back to office and worked until 4a.m. His another day at office started in a few hours. He kept working like that and became mentally ill and quit the company.


Toshi has seen many employees stay in the office and sleep there. 100 hours of overtime per month is usual.

It’s absolutely crazy but Dentsu employees do that. It’s said that sales at advertising company cannot live long due to terrible working environment. Dentsu demonstrates very well on this matter.



Drink, Drink and DRINK!



Advertising company love to drink everyday. After work, they drink. When they see clients, they drink. THEY DRINK EVERYDAY.

I think it’s fine to drink everyday if they don’t consume excessive amount. However, the amount is ridiculous and people are almost “forced” to drink a lot.


Toshi used to drink with Dentsu employees 5 days a week. He was always drunk. So what he and Dentsu employees did was going to office in the morning and sleeping in a meeting room.

They were drunk but worked in the afternoon. Another drinking party at night. Let’s get drunk again!! Some of them even go back to office to work after drinking. How can they work when they are drunk? It’s not efficient at all.


Toshi also mentions that they have to treat senior employees with great care. For instance, they cannot eat until seniors have started to eat. They have to order alcohol for seniors and cannot make their glass empty. Younger (newer) employees have to drink a lot. These are just a part of insane rules, but it’s pretty common among advertising companies.



Power of Dentsu Brand is in Effect



You probably think that employees at Dentsu are crazy. Maybe You don’t understand why they work in such harsh environment. The answer is “Dentsu Brand.” Employees know it’s crazy and insane but they work for Dentsu brand.


They cannot stop and think but they have to keep working to be “Dentsu men.” They are the No.1, they are the best. It’s honorable to be a part of Dentsu. They believe so and take a great deal of pride in being Dentsu employees.



Everyone will be Brainwashed

Senior Dentsu employees already get used to Dentsu customs and rules so they don’t question. What about younger generation?


Toshi found that people who work Dentsu stop questioning and follow Dentsu rules. They would become Dentsu persons.

At the beginning they might have felt uncomfortable and tense but as time goes by everything would be a part of Dentsu life. They might have noticed something was wrong but they stopped thinking that way. They would force themselves to think as if everything is fine and brainwash themselves.




If any of my friends or family members wants to work in Dentsu, I will stop them for sure. It’s quite scary that this kind of company exists and rules are followed by its employees.

I guess it’s too hard to change its rules because employees think that’s their traditional rules and that’s what THEY have followed. Just because they did something doesn’t mean they can force others to do the same thing. Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening at Dentsu.

Yes, it’s a big company and you might make a lot of money. I will never work for such company however. I don’t want to die. I want to work and live with respect.



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