Great Fireworks Festivals in Osaka and Kyoto 2017: Yodogawa, Miyazu & More




In this post I summarize fireworks in Okasa and Kyoto. Check and plan ahead!



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Fireworks Festivals in Osaka

Here are Fireworks Festivals in Osaka.

Which one do you want to go?


Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival



Yodogawa Fireworks Festival is taken place by Yodogara River and all the staff is volunteers.

They collect all the expenses from donation by local residents as well as tickets for the Festival.


It is the 29th Festival this year.


There is no parking so you must take public transportation.

Make sure to arrive the station by 5:30p.m., or you might not be able to go closer to the Fireworks Festival venue.


Tickets are available online (unfortunately in Japanese only) Yodogawa Online Tickets and prices range between 2,500 yen and 18,000 yen.


If you want to watch the fireworks by the river, I recommend you to buy tickets.


Some tickets include Bento Box, while others include seats or chairs.



When: August 5 Saturday, 2017 7:40p.m. to 8:40p.m.

Access: By Train

Juso Side

-Take JR Tozai Line and get off at Mitejima Station

-Take JR Tsukamoto Station

-Take Hanshin-Dentetsu and get off at Himejima Station

-Take Hankyu-Dentetsu and get off at Juso Station or Minamikata Station

-Take Midosuji Line and get off at Nishinakajima-Minamigata Station


Umeda Side

-Take Hankyu-Dentetsu and get off at Umeda

-Take Sennichimae Line and get off at Noda-Hanshin Station

-Take Hanshin-Dentetsu and get off at Noda Station

-Take JR and get off at Osaka Station

-Take Hankyu-Dentetsu and get off at Umeda Station

-Take JR Tozai Line and get off at Ebie



Osaka Tenjin Festival


Okasa Tenjin Festival is one of the major summer festivals in Japan.

At the end of this traditional festival, you can see fireworks.

Tenjin Festival Official Site


This festival is taken place for 2 days and the fireworks are taken place on the 2nd day.

They offer special seats: table seat is 5,500 yen per person and must be purchased for 4 seats, which will be 22,000 yen in total.

Another kind of ticket is beach seat, which is 4,000 yen per person.

For both tickets, you would get a free drink.


If you prefer to reserve the seat, get one of the tickets.

Or you might need to keep standing while watching the fireworks.


Tenmabashi Station and Sakuranomiya Station will be packed.



When: July 25 Saturday, 2017, 7:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.

Access: By Train

-Take JR and get off at Sakuranomiya Station, walk 2 minutes

-Take Keihan-tetsudo and get off at Tenmabashi Station, walk 5 minutes




Fireworks Festivals in Kyoto

Here are 2 Fireworks Festivals in Kyoto.


Miyazu Toro-nagashi Fireworks Festival


This Fireworks Festival is very traditional and started about 400 years ago.


Toro-nagashi is a Japanese ceremony to guide the souls to the spirit world and it is done in some areas in August.


10,000 Toro, lanterns, will go along the Miyazu Bay and firework starts at 7:30p.m. If you plan to see the fireworks, don’t miss Toro-nagashi!

It is very beautiful.





When: August 16 Wednesday, 2017 7:30p.m. to 8:20p.m.

Access: By Train

Take Kyoto Tango Railway and get off at Miyazu Station, walk 10 minutes



Kameoka Heiwa Fireworks Festival




It is taken place in Kameoka City.

If you are coming from Kyoto, take Sagano Train and get off at Kameoka Station.

The view is breathtaking!

Sagano Train Information 



For the fireworks, they offer special seats for 1,500 yen (chair), 15,000 yen (bench for 4 people) and details can be found here (only available in Japanese) →

Kameoka Fireworks Tickets



When: August 7 Monday, 2017 8p.m. to 9p.m.

Access: By Train

Take JR and get off at Kameoka Station, walk 15 minutes.





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