Tokyo’s Best Fireworks Festivals 2017: Don’t Miss Those 5 Awesome Fireworks




Have you watched fireworks in Japan? Japanese fireworks are the best fireworks in the world. If you are visiting Japan this summer, don’t miss it!!



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Edogawa Fireworks Festival

This is the biggest, most popular destination in Tokyo.


The reason why it is popular is because it is taken place on Edogawa River and people can see from either Tokyo or Chiba side.

Tokyo side is more packed and you may faint due to the number of people.



When: August 5 (Sat) 2017, 7:15p.m. to 8:30p.m.

Access: By Train

-Take JR Sobu Line and get off at Koiwa Station. Walk 25 minutes.

-Take Shinjuku Line and get off at Shinozaki Station. Walk 15 minutes.

-Take Keisei Line and get off at Keisei Edogawa Station. Walk 25 minutes.

-Take Shinjuku Line and get off at Mizue Station. Walk 45 minutes.

*Koiwa Station and Shinozaki Station will be extremely busy. If possible, get off at Keisei Edowaga Station or Mizue Station.


By Bus

Take Keisei bus and get off at Minami Koiwa ni-chome. Walk 10 minutes.

Take Keisei bus and get off at Shinminna-menbashi or Chizushi Station. Walk 10 minutes.



Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival


This is another popular destination in Tokyo.

Always packed and I felt very tired when I went.

It is taken place in the middle of Tokyo, so it is difficult to get a nice spot. Rather people walk around and see the fireworks.


There are two locations where fireworks are taken place.

The first stage is relatively crowded but the second stage is also packed.



When: July 29 (Sat) 2017, 7:05p.m. to 8:30p.m.

Access: By Train

-Take Tokyo Metro and get off at Asakusa Station. Walk 15 minutes to the first stage.

-Take Tokyo Metro and get off at Kuramae Station. Walk 5 minutes to the second stage.

*Although Asakusa Station and Kuramae Station are close to the fireworks stage, it is recommended to use other stations stated below.

These two stations are closest to the venues and will be super busy. You either stop moving or keep moving due to the excess number of people.

Thus it is better to use Ueno Station, MinamisenjuStation or Kinshicyo Station instead. These are 25-30 minutes away from the venue, but less crowded.



Adachi Fireworks Festival



This festival is taken place by Arakawa River, in Adachi ward.

The area is surrounded by bank so that people can sit and see the fireworks from there.

I like this one because it is not that crowded compared to Edogawa Fireworks Festival or Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival.

If you stay near that area, it is also nice to go by bicycle.



When: July 22 (Sat) 2017, 7:30p.m. to 8:30p.m.

Access:By Train

-Take Tokyo Metro, Tobu Line, JR or Tsukuba Express and get off at Kitasenju Station. Walk 15 minutes.

-Take Toneri Liner and get off at Adachi-odai Station. Walk 25 minutes.

-Take JR and get off at Nippori Station. Walk 25 minutes.

-Take Tobu Line and get off at Kosuge, Gotanda or Umejima Station. Walk 15 minutes.



Itabashi Fireworks Festival

This fireworks festival is also taken place in Tokyo.

They offer special seats if you pay.

Some tickets are sold a group of people, while others are sold for a single person.

You need to pick what kind of seat you want. Nearest stations differ depending on the types of paid seats, so be careful!

This website is only available in Japanese, but check to see the seats →

Itabashi Fireworks




When: August 5 (Sat) 2017, 7p.m. to 8:30p.m.

Access: By Train

-Take Toei Mita Line and get off at Takashimadaira, Nishidai or Hasune Station. Walk 20 minutes.

-Take JR Saikyo Line and get off at Ukimahunnado Station. Walk 20 minutes




Katsushika Fireworks Festival



This one is actually can be seen in Tokyo or Chiba.

Tokyo side has more people and closer to the fireworks.

It is better to go there by 5:00p.m. to save your spot.

Because you can see it from the bank of Edogawa, you don’t feel that crowded.



When: July 25 (Tue) 2017, 7:20p.m. to 8:20p.m.

Access:By Train

-Take Keisei Kanamachi Line and get off at Shibamata. Walk 10 minutes.

-Take JR Jyoban Line Keihin Kanamachi Line and get off at Kanamachi Station. Walk 15 minutes.

*Nearest station is Shibamata Station. It usually takes 10 minutes but due to the volume of people, it might take 30 minutes to get there.





What is Fireworks Like in Japan? → What is Fireworks like? How to Enjoy Fireworks Festivals in Japan

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