Accuracy, Food and More: 5 Reasons Why Foreigners Love Japan




Have you visited Japan? Have you lived there?

I’ve been living in Canada so I know the greats and not-so-greats things about Japan.

In this post I’m going to discuss reasons why foreigners love Japan!


1. Great Customer Service

Have you heard the Japanese expression “customers are God”? It’s said that a Japanese singer, Haruo Minami, introduced this concept to media.

Its core is based on the idea to treat customers with great care.

When you go to restaurants or convenience stores, for instance, staff would usually say “welcome” (irassyai-mase: いらっしゃいませ) when you enter the place and “thank you very much” (arigatou-gozaimashita: ありがとうございました) when you leave.

When you order something in restaurant and wait for 10 minutes, staff would say “I’m sorry for the delay. Here is your order.”

When you need something in Izakaya, you ring the bell and the staff would run to you and get whatever you need right away.


Japanese don’t take tips but employees try their best to serve customers.



2. Accuracy

Trains in Japan are always on time. All the lines have detailed time schedules and trains follow them to the seconds. There would be a delay in case of accidents or terrible weather conditions. Otherwise, trains won’t be late. Never.

Buses usually come on time but it depends on traffic. The drivers try to be on time and serve customers.




In Canada, however, bus doesn’t come on time. It either departs before scheduled time or arrives late. Sometimes bus goes missing and I’ve waited for 30-40 minutes for next one. I really want to know where it went and it’s one of the mysterious things happen to me in Canada.

As mentioned at post for Shinkansen, all the public transportation in Japan including trains, busses, bullet trains, ferry and air planes, precisely follow the time schedule.


3. Great Food



Japan has more than sushi to offer you! If you travel to Japan first time, you would probably want to try sushi. But wait. There are various meals in Japan, so don’t miss great food!

Depending on where you go, you can enjoy different meals. For instance, if you go somewhere near ocean, you definitely want to try seafood. I’ve tried seafood in Hokkaido (北海道) and I almost melted. It was so good and I could eat seafood every single day!


If you go to Tokyo, there are a lot to choose. Fancy sushi restaurant, okonomiyaki (Japanese pan cake), all you can eat, Traditional Japanese food at Ryo-tei (料亭), cakes and coffee, ramen, Izakaya, Mexican, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and more…


If you like Japanese food, you would miss it when you go back to your country.


4. Great Sake


If you are Japanese sake lover, you must try in Japan!

Just like food, various sake is available in different places. Some restaurants in Tokyo offer different kinds of sake so you might want to try those and find which one you like the most.

If you visit countryside, check their sake.



5. Vending Machines


If you have visited Japan, you might have noticed countless vending machines on the street.

It’s everywhere and not only for drinks but also for food. Some vending machines sell snacks, oden (type of Japanese hot pot), ramen, cases for cell phone, chips and more……


Foreigners wonder why there are so many vending machines on the street in Japan. Once they use they would be addicted to the machine. It is convenient and you can try different item on vending machine.




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