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Do you know Doraemon? (ドラえもん)
It’s a famous Japanese comic character. Doraemon is a blue robotic cat and helps Nobita Nobi in daily life.



What is Doraemon?

Doraemon is Japanese comic and it was first published in 1969. Doraemon is written by Fujiko F Fujio and its animation started in 1973.

Doraemon is popular among not only Japanese kids but also kids around the world. Over 100 million copies have been sold worldwide.


Doraemon is sent from future to help and protect Nobita Nobi. Nobita is an elementary school boy who is kind and often bullied.

Doraemon uses various kinds of tools and technology to help Nobita. He has tons of items and famous ones are “anywhere door” (dokodemo door) and “bamboo-copter” (take-copter).


As names imply, “anywhere door” takes Nobita anywhere even in the past or future, whereas Nobita can fly with “bamboo-copter.”




The museum of the author, Fujiko F Fujio, has built his museum in Kanagawa prefercture.

Below is the basic information on the museum.



Where is the Museum?

Fujiko F Fujio Museum was opened in 2011.
It is located in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Address is 2-8-1 Nagao, Tama Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.


Closest station is Noborito (登戸) station and you can take bus from there.

It takes about 10 minutes from Noborito Station. Bus runs about every 10 minutes during day.


If you take Odakyu Line, get off at Mukougaoka Yuen (向ヶ丘遊園) and it takes 16 minutes on foot.

If you take JR Nanbu Line, get off at Syukugawara (宿河原) Station and walk about 15minutes.


Business Hours and Museum Information  



The museum opens between 10a.m. and 6p.m.
It will be closed Tuesdays and the end of year and beginning of year.


Fujiko F Fujio is a famous comic author in Japan and you will find his original drawings in this museum.

There are kids space, theatre, coffee shop and gift shop inside the museum.



How to Get Tickets

Just like Ghibli museum, Fujiko F Fujio museum only takes certain number of people. You need to purchase tickets in advance in Lawson, the convenience store.

Go to nearest Lawson and use Loppi to buy tickets. Simply pick date and time. The first entry is 10a.m. following by 12p.m. 2p.m. 4p.m.

Ticket price for adults is 1,000 yen.
Ticket price for children age 13-18 (high school students) is 700 yen.
Children age 4-12 is 500 yen.




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