4 Places for Sightseeing in FUKUSHIMA, Japan





Fukushima prefecture is located next to Niigata prefecture.


Here are 4 places in Fukushima you should visit!



1. Spa Resort Hawaiians


This Resort is located in Iwaki City (いわき市).

It’s nice to play there not only in summer but also in winter as it is indoor resort.


There are various attractions to spend time.


Fish-Go-Round: You can enjoy watching fish with this lazy river. It’s 130 metres long and there are about 1,300 fish along the course.


Water Slides: There are three different kinds of water slides. Anyone can enjoy as long as the height is over 120cm.


Hot Spring: They have the biggest open-air hot spring in the world.


Shows: They have different kinds of dance shows including hula dance, Tahiti dance, Samoa dance etc.

Check the schedule and don’t miss your favorite ones!


They also have hotels, restaurants and shops so you can spend a day or two in this resort.



2. Azuma kofuji (吾妻小富士)


It is located in Fukushima City (福島市) and 1707 metres height.


Its crater looks like Mt Fuji (富士山) and that is the reason why it’s called small Fuji (kofuji).


There are stairs and you can go near the crater.

It takes about 1 hour to go along the crater.


The view is phenomenal and it’s worth to go up stairs!



3. Inawashiro Lake (猪苗代湖)




This lake is located in Wakamastu City (若松市), Kooriyama City (郡山市) and Inawashiro cyo (猪苗代町).


It’s the 4th largest lake in Japan and popular destination during summer.


You can camp, take cruise and swim in the lake during summer, while you can enjoy watching swans and huge chunks of icy (しぶき氷: shibuki ice) during winter.



Source: http://hiropapa3.at.webry.info/201102/article_1.html



4. Abukuma Cave (あぶくま洞)


This cave is located in Tamura City (田村市) and open all year round.

It took 80,000,000 years to form current cave.

The total length of the cave is 600 metres and you can go in and see the natural arts illuminated by lights.


fukushima 2

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flowstones_and_Mushroom_Rocks_inside_Abukuma-do_Cave.JPG


Nyusui limestone caverns (入水鍾乳洞) is located 4km away from Abukuma cave.

Its length is 900 metres and it has three courses.

Because you actually go into water and walk around, you can rent raincoats and flip flops if needed.


A course takes about 30 minutes, whereas B course takes about 60 minutes.

C course is the most difficult one and you have to go with a tour guide.

It takes about 90 minutes.


Don’t miss this breathtaking cave!!

It looks so nice that I want to visit.




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