Experience the Magical Non-Verbal Performance Presented by GEAR in Kyoto




Kyoto’s historical buildings and culture attract tourists and it is one of the popular destinations in Japan.


Kyoto, however, is not only about historical heritages. It also offers passionate, magical performance called “GEAR.”


What is Gear?




Gear was established in 2011 and their performance includes mime, break dance, magic and juggling.


What makes Gear unique is that its non-verbal performance. Thus anyone can enjoy the show including children, the elderly and foreigners.


Their theatre only takes 100 audiences at a time and it’s always crowded.

Shows are taken place twice a day, five days a week.



Where is it?

Gear theatre is located in Nakagyo ward, Kyoto.

The address is 3F of Building 1928, 56 Benkei-ishicho, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture.

The phone number is 075-254-6520 and it’s available between 10a.m. and 7p.m. Monday- Friday and 9a.m. to 7p.m. on weekend and holiday.


There is no space for parking cars and bicycles so you have to find one near the theatre.


How to Get Tickets



They use Lowson Ticket to sell tickets. You click on “buy tickets” and fill in your name, email address and Japanese phone number. You can also use hotel’s phone number in Japan.

Then pick date and time. They offer standard and special areas, which is the 1st -3rd row of centre.

Choose number of tickets and check discount if you are student or over 60 years old.

You can pay by paypal or pay at the pick up counter in the theatre. If you choose to pay latter, you need to go to the threatre at least 1 hour prior to the show.


Via Phone

You can also call and book a ticket.

They don’t do any exchange return, so carefully check the date, time and don’t make any mistakes!

The phone number is 075-253-0288 and Kyoto Tourist Information Center (H.I.S.) would help you. They are open between 9a.m. and 6p.m. and available languages are English, Chinese, Thai and Korean.



Appeals of Gear




Here are 5 reasons why Gear is popular among domestic tourists as well as international tourists.


Professional Performers

The best performers make the best show. Gear has over 20 performers and all of them have won prizes within and outside Japan. They practice a lot to entertain audience with perfect performance.


Historical Theatre

The Gear theatre was built in 1928 as a News Paper company. Although it was old and fragile, Wakabayashi the Architect purchased the building and renovated to keep it with historical design.



Another feature is that it is non-verbal performance. Language doesn’t matter. Anyone can enjoy. It’s truly amazing that Gear makes people happy and satisfied without any words.



Extraordinary Feeling like in a Dream

Gear uses mixture of advanced technology for lights, sound and performers. No one feels bored and it feels like as if you are in a fun dream. Magical world. Some people go there multiple times because every time they go, they feel different and extraordinary.


Technologies and Professional Staff

The performers are the best. So is the staff. They support how to set up the stage, sound and lights. They know how to make performers extraordinary. They know how to catch the attention of audience.



Comments from Audience

Audience A


Audience B
Adults and kids can enjoy.


Audience C
I was so concentrated to see every detail.


Teacher I
My favorite was mime and juggling.





If you go to Kyoto, don’t miss this incredible show! I’ve never seen but I really want to go. I want to see at the very front and feel the extraordinary world.

Kyoto offers you more than historical buildings. I’m so proud that Gear offers such an awesome show in Japan.

Hope they have shows in foreign countries and show off their amazing performance in he future.



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