Try Those 5 Tips to Get a Japanese Boyfriend by Graduation




March in Japan seems nostalgic for some people because graduation ceremonies are taken place in schools.

If you are a student and like someone, it’s a nice idea to get closer to him before graduation. After graduation, you have less chances to see him.


Here are some tips on how to get a Japanese boyfriend before you graduate.




Talk to Him Often

If you like someone, do you talk to him often?

If you don’t talk to him everyday, it’s time to talk.


Topic could be anything so you don’t have to feel nervous.

The important thing is to “talk to him often” so that he knows you.


What would you feel if someone you don’t know asks you out? You probably think

Who the heck are you?


So try to talk to him everyday if possible. If not everyday try whenever you see him.


He will remember you face and name, and if you don’t talk to him one day, he might think of you.



Ask His Contact Information


If he knows you and you talk to him often, you can get his contact information.

You can simply ask “hey, can I have your phone number?”

If he asks why, you can say “we are going to graduate soon, so I’m exchanging numbers with friends.” (this ‘you are not a special dude’ plan gives him less pressure.)


You don’t have to contact him right away because the reason to get his number is to reach him after graduation.


It’s so disappointing if you can’t contact him when you want to.




Go on a Group Date



If you are not ready to go on a date with him yet, it’s a great idea to hangout with his friends and your friends.


You don’t want to make a group too big, so 4 to 6 people, including you, is the best. Form a group of 2 guys & 2 girls or 3 guys & 3 girls.


Tell your female friends to assist you if you are super shy. If you are not shy, interact with him and get closer.


As a group, you don’t feel that shy and he should feel comfortable to be with you and friends.



Date Him

If you are close enough to ask him out, go ahead!!

Who said you have to wait for him to ask you out?


Go on a date, talk to him and spend a day together. You will know who he is and what he thinks. You might find something new during the date because he might hide the particular side of him in school.


You might, on the other hand, find something you dislike. That’s good! Because if he is not right for you, you don’t have to waste time together.


Going on a date doesn’t mean he will be your boyfriend. So try, have fun and see if you want to be his girlfriend.

If you think you want to be his girlfriend, try next step!


Imply You Like Him

Some guys are aggressive but most Japanese guys are nervous when it comes to dating. They want to know if you like them and if they are not sure, they are less likely to ask you out.

So tell him that you like him. You don’t have to say “I like you!” but rather say something like:

“Your girlfriend must be happy…”

“You are fantastic. I love to be with you.”

“I like spending time with you. It’s so fun.” etc…


If he is sure (or at least he “thinks”) you like him, he should take a next step.

Otherwise, you go ahead!




Getting a Japanese boyfriend might be difficult for foreigners because he doesn’t take an action before he is sure that a girl likes him.

He needs proof and confidence.


So if you want him to say he likes you, you have to give him signals that you like him. Most young Japanese guys don’t take an action without signals because they don’t want to be hurt.



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