Basic Information on GHIBLI Museum in Tokyo




Ghibli museum is located in Inokashira Park, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo.


Features of Museum

If you are fan of Ghibli movies, you would love this place!

They have everything about Ghibli characters.


At reception, Totoro welcomes you.

But wait, is it real entrance?


Totoro guides you to actual entrance.

You keep walking and will see the white building.


As soon as you enter, you would realize that the Ghibli characters are everywhere in the museum.


There are 5 sections in “the place where movies are born.”

You would see a desk, a lot of books, scratch papers, pencils and drawings in here.

These rooms demonstrate how the Ghibli movies are made, how producers and filmmakers get inspiration and complete movies.


The museum staff would treat small children independently.

For example, they would give tickets to children one by one because they respect those children as customers.


The executive director of museum, Hayao Miyazaki, has unique concepts for this museum.

He believes that museum should be somewhere interesting and relaxing, and he wants customers to enjoy without any rules.

That is, they can go anywhere. They don’t have to follow certain directions just like regular museum.


He also wants to make museum not only for Ghibli fans but also for anyone.


Ghibli museum offers you dream and inspiration based on ideals and concepts by Hayao Miyazaki.





How to Access





The address of Museum is:

1-1-83, Shimo-renjyaku,Mitaka-shi, Tokyo


It’s about 20 minutes away from Shinjuku station.

Take JR Chuo Line and get off at JR Mitaka station and find South Exit.


On Foot

If you walk from Mitaka station, it takes about 15 minutes.

There are signs along Tamagawa river, so you won’t get lost.


By Bus

If you prefer to go by bus, there is a community bus by South Exit and it takes about 5 minutes. Go to Bus stop #9.


One way (Adult): 210 yen, Return: 320 yen

One way (Children): 110 yen, Return: 160 yen


There is a ticket vending machine and information centre in front of bus stop at Mitaka station. You can purchase return tickets from one of them.

Although it depends on time and season, bus departs every 10 minutes or so.


Additional Information

There is no parking for cars.

There are 100 parking spots for bikes.


If you come from Keio-Inokashira-Kichizyoji station or Keio-Inokashira-Inokashira Park Station, it takes 15 minutes on foot.

Busses departure from Kichizyoji station South Exit. You need to get off at Mansuke bridge (万助橋), nearest bus stop.


For tickets information, check this Ghibli Museum Tickets




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