Let’s Enjoy Ghibli World! How to Get GHIBLI Museum Tickets




Ghibli museum is located in Mitaka-shi, Tokyo.

For information on Ghibli museum, see this Ghibli Museum Information


In order to visit this museum, you would need to purchase tickets in advance.



How Much is a Ticket?

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Prices are below including tax.


Adult (over 19 years old): 1000 yen

High school student (13-18 years old): 700 yen

Children (7-12 years old): 400 yen

Small Children (4-6 years old): 100 yen


Children Under 4 don’t need to purchase any tickets (free of charge).

The museum doesn’t offer any discounts for individuals or groups.



Here are ways to get tickets for Ghibli museum.




Lawson, the convenience store (ローソン)


Ghibli museum tickets are to be sold every 10th of the month at 10a.m.

For instance, tickets for October would be available on September 10th.


If you prefer to purchase in store, use this method.

Simply go to nearest Lawson and use Loppi to buy tickets.

Loppi is a touch-screen machine that sells tickets.

Follow the instructions and choose date and time.


Via Internet


This is probably the most convenient method to buy tickets.

Simply visit this website https://l-tike.com/

and select month and purchase.

The website also shows open hours and ticket price as well as other information such as no refund policy.


You are required to go to local Lawson within 3 days to pay and pick up the tickets if you don’t pay by credit card.


Via Phone (Japanese only)

If you prefer to purchase by phone, use this method.

Be aware that all the operators speak Japanese only.


The number is 0570-084-003.

Same as online purchase, you are required to go to Lawson within 3 days to pay and pick up the tickets.



Additional Information





Ghibli museum has 4 time slots to enter the museum. These are 10a.m. 12p.m. 2p.m. and 4p.m.

They only allow you 30 minutes to enter after the time slot.

For instance, if you purchase tickets for 10a.m. you would need to enter by 10:30a.m.


The museum opens at 10a.m. and coffee shop opens at 11a.m.

Once you enter, you are welcome to stay until 6p.m. when the museum closes.


You can purchase up to 6 tickets at once.


Ghibli museum strictly prohibit from purchasing tickets illegally or through auction. Don’t get those tickets, or you cannot enter the museum.


Starting July, 2016, purchaser’s name would be printed on a ticket.

Therefore, the museum staff might ask for your ID verification when      entering museum. Bring your passport!



Getting Tickets Overseas

Even if you are outside of Japan, you can still purchase tickets through

(a) JTB Groups in the following countries: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Spain and Denmark.

Tickets will be available on the 1st of the month.

They are available the following four months. For instance, if you buy a ticket on September 1st, you would be able to choose a date between September 1st and December 31st.


(b) Online

As I mention earlier, you can purchase tickets online.

Visit https://l-tike.com/

It only accept credit card payment.




You can purchase tickets from Lawson, online and phone if you are in Japan.

You can use online or visit JTB groups if you are outside of Japan.


Ghibli museum is popular and tickets are limited.

Plan accordingly and purchase so that you can fully enjoy this wonderland!




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