How to Get Ghibli Museum Tickets Step by Step with Images




This post shows how to get Ghibli Museum tickets online step by step.

Although everything is shown in Japanese, you can purchase tickets online if you refer this post.

Let’s begin!


How to Get Ghibli Museum Tickets Online

Let’s see steps with images so that you don’t make a mistake.

♣I just tried to purchase tickets online and found out I couldn’t complete the registration from outside Japan. This online purchase is only good if you live in Japan and if you can book from Japan.


Step 1: Go to Home

Visit and choose “purchase online”


This is home of Ghibli Museum website. Click red circled one.



Scroll down and here it shows steps of buying tickets.

1. Reserve tickets on Lawson Website

2. Receive Reservation Number by Email

3. Go to Lawson Store

4. Use Loppi at Lawson Store




Click “purchase tickets for Ghibli Museum”

5 Go to Cashier and Get Tickets

6 Give Tickets at Museum



Then you would be directed to the website below


Scroll down and click

I can only purchase tickets for April and May (it’s April 10th today).

All tickets for April are sold out so I chose May.

Tickets for May went on sale on April 10 at 10:00a.m.



Step 2: Choose Date


Click “Reserve Here”


Then next page shows all the information about tickets (eg., when the museum closes, when and how you can get tickets)




Scroll down and there is a calendar.

Pick a date and time from the calendar.

〇 means it’s available

× means it’s not available


So pick one from  〇 (in red ink)



Then after picking date and time, the window will pop up

If the date and time is correct, click the pink button



Then on the side of the page, you can choose the number of people

Top one is adult and 1,000 yen per ticket

The middle one is for students (13-18 years old) and 700 yen per ticket

The bottom one is for children 7-12 years old and 400 yen per ticket



Then if you scroll down, there is a pick button



Step 3: Enter Your Information

Choose the right button



Enter your email address and password for this Lawson account

The first one is your email address

Then create the password for this website

Enter the same password to confirm



Enter the number shown on the screen, tick “agree” and “next”(blue button)



After entering the information above, the screen says ‘registration has been completed.’

The yellow line says the confirmation email is sent to your email address.

Hit the blue button and complete temporary registration.



Step 4: Registration of Lawson HMV

Confirmation email looks like this

Click the link and you need to complete registration

You have one day to complete it. For instance, if I temporary register on April 10th, I must complete registration on April 11th.



Enter password and hit “Next”(次へ)


Then it goes to your account information




Then I had a problem. Seems I cannot access from outside Japan!!

Oh my god, I wasted my time!! 😯


I’ll find solution and update!



Lessons Learned

If you are planing to go to Ghibli museum, YOU MUST BOOK as soon as the tickets are out. For instance, tickets for June become available on May 10th so you better book on May 10th. Otherwise, tickets will be sold out.


The tickets for May started to be sold at 10a.m. on April 10th.

I checked the availability around 1:00p.m. on April 10th.

More than half have gone, probably only 1/3 left within 3 hours.



Also, as I mention at the beginning, Japanese online reservation only works if you are in Japan or if you live in Japan. It seems they don’t allow access from outside Japan.

Thus if you are outside Japan, you need to purchase through JTB groups or English online reservation. See How to Get Ghibli Museum Tickets for details.


For English information:Ticket Infomation

If you go to Tickets Reservation in English, you can purchase from outside Japan.

I tried to pick a date but all sold out now! 😯

But it’s in English, so just follow the instruction and you won’t make a mistake.



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