Kusatsu, Takaragawa and More…4 Places You Must Visit in GUNMA




Gunma prefecture is located in Kanto area.

It is close from Tokyo and takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to Maebashi city (前橋市), Gunma.

They have famous hot spring and interesting places for sightseeing.


Here are 4 places to visit in Gunma prefecture.



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1. Kusatsu Hot Spring (草津温泉)


Kusastu hot spring is one of the most famous hot spring in Japan. It is located in Azuma-gun, Kusastu cho.


Some Ryokan (Japanese Inn) and hot spring offer Yumomi show and trial. Yumomi (湯もみ) literally means touching hot water.

It is done by several people by using long flat boards to reduce and control temperature of hot spring.

Instead of adding water, people used to do Yumomi so that it doesn’t change quality of hot spring.



Yumomi in Kusastu




2. Takaragawa Hot spring (宝川温泉)


This is another popular hot spring. It was chosen for one of the “popular hot spring for foreigners.”

Located in Minakami cho (みなかみ町), this hot spring became famous after shooting film called “Thermae Romae.”


This famous Ryokan Osenkaku (汪泉閣) offers 4 huge open-air hot spring.

Only one of them is for women.

Other three are for women and men (混浴:Konyoku) so you need to cover yourself with a towel.


They also have indoor hot spring if you don’t want to encounter opposite sex.

However, open-air ones provide a spectacular view and you don’t want to miss them!!!



Source: http://www.takaragawa.com



3. Haruna Lake (榛名湖)



Located in Takasaki city, this lake is on summit of Haruna mountain (榛名山).

Its height is 1084 metres and this lake is located in the 2nd highest place in Japan.


Some people enjoy hiking, camping, fishing during summer. Others come to enjoy red leaves during fall and fishing during winter.


There is a Haruna Ropeway (Gondola).


The fee is 440 yen for an adult, 230 yen for a child (one way).

The return ticket is 840 yen for an adult and 410 yen for a child.


It usually operates during day, but it operates for night view in December. They opened until 9p.m. December, 2016.

Their schedule is not up yet, so I’ll post it as soon as it becomes available.



4. Tomioka Silk Mill (富岡製糸場)


Source: http://www.tomioka-silk.jp


This mill is one of the National Heritage sites and located in Tomioka city.


It opened for public in 2007.

Since then, the number of visitors exceeds over 3 million.

It is open between 9a.m. and 5p.m.

Plants and warehouses remain old condition and they are shown to visitors.


Visit this historic site and learn world of silk.




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