8 Popular Activities to Spend Awesome Golden Week in Japan




Golden Week starts at the end of April. Do you have any plans?

Don’t worry if you have no plan. This post gives you some ideas on how to spend Golden Week in Japan.



Go to BBQ


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It gets warm in April and people can enjoy BBQ during Golden Week. BBQ during Golden Week is great because it’s not hot like summer.

The only thing you need to remember is that there would be lots of people. So check the BBQ location before heading there.


Go Visit Countryside

If you live in city and feel tired of crowded place, you can enjoy quiet environment in countryside.

You can go somewhere. Anywhere!

It’s always nice to visit quiet places because it makes you relaxed.



Go to Hot Spring

You can go to hot spring anytime of the year. But if you have nowhere to go, why not try hot spring during GW?


If you are shy to be naked, there are also private hot springs. In private hot spring, you won’t see other people so you can truly enjoy the natural bath without hesitation.


Go to Movie Theatre

If you like movies, let’s go to see movies! Many movies start playing during Golden Week every year.


It’s fun to see comedy with your friends and laugh (but don’t laugh out loud in the theatre! Japanese are pretty quiet in the theatre).

If you prefer, Netflix works as well.



Go to Camping

Love camping? Then Golden Week is one of the best seasons to go camping.

It’s not that hot like summer and less crowded.

Make sure to bring extra blanket or jackets as the temperature might drop during night.


Go Shopping


It’s also nice idea to go shopping since lots of products will be on sale during Golden Week.

Bargain is everywhere!


Check your favorite stores or brand and get hot items.



Drive Around

If you don’t know where to go but want to get out from your place, drive a car and go somewhere without purpose.


You can of course plan but it’s also fan to go without any plans.


Just be aware that there would be traffic on highway. You can always take another route and take your time.



Go Abroad

If you have a specific country you want to go, enjoy a trip to there!

The disadvantage is, however, the airplane tickets will be expensive during Golden Week.

Wherever you go, the airfare will go up for sure. But if this is the only time you can take a long vacation, don’t miss the chance!




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There are many places to visit during Golden Week. You don’t have to necessarily have plans, but if you go travel you should.


If you prefer quiet time, it’s definitely cool to stay at home and spend time alone.

Do whatever you want and enjoy a great time!




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