What is Halloween? 3 DIY Halloween Costumes


What is Halloween?


Halloween is October 31st every year.

November 1st is All Hallows Day and All Hallows’ Eve is October 31st.
This religious practice is originated from Celts from Ireland or Scotland.

It is the Celtic harvest festival to appreciate food and get rid of evil spirits.




What Do People Do on Halloween?


Children would wear costumes and participate in caving jack-o-lanterns,
trick-or-treating or apple bobbing.


I’ve caved pumpkins into jack-o-lantern.

It was not that difficult but I couldn’t make pretty one.

I’m sure if I practice few more times, I will improve.


I’ve also worn costume and been to trick-or-treating with my host family.
My host family had three well-behaved boys and they were so excited to go trick-or-treating.
They ran from house to house and got full of treats in their bags.


I’ve never tried apple bobbing.

A tub or basin is filled with water and apples are floated on it.

Children usually play this.

They would use their teeth and grab apples from water.
They are not supposed to use hands: instead just use mouth.


It is said that Scottish immigration spread Halloween in USA in 19th century.
In 20th century, it spread to Canada and all parts of USA.


When I was a kid, we didn’t have Halloween in Japan.
Disneyland started Halloween parade in 1997.
And other businesses and companies, such as snack companies, promoted Halloween as if it is am important event.


Most of Japanese don’t know what it is but some spend money to buy special or limited items, while others go to Halloween events.
We have no religious connection to Halloween.
Japanese recognize Halloween as a result of marketing campaign.



Speaking of Halloween, you need costume.

Here are three DIY costumes you could make.


I will try to update more later on.


1. Cupcake Princess

cup cake


You just need white leggings, white shirt, a laundry basket and fabric to make cupcake.


2. Mr. Lego


This Lego can be made by cardboard, six paper bowls, spray paint and tape.


3. Lady Rabbit


Get a white dress, white leggings, fabric for rabbit ears.



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