Fun Halloween Events in Tokyo Area that You don’t Want to Miss 2017




Have you decided your costume? Are you ready for Halloween yet?

Halloween is coming soon!



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Here are Halloween events in Tokyo and near Tokyo. Chiba Prefecture has interesting Halloween events. I want to participate in Halloween Dash and Zombie Marathon if I were in Japan.




1. Halloween Dash



This event is taken place on October 22 (Sun) at Makuhari Kaihin Park in Chiba Prefecture.

As name implies, you need to dash!

People would wear costumes and challenge obstacle racing including smoke, foam and soap bubble.


You need to purchase tickets in advance in order to participate in the race.

There are three time slots starting at 11a.m. 12:30p.m. and 2p.m. You can join any of them.



Location: Makuhari Kaihin Park

Date: October 22 (Sun)

Time: 10a.m. to 6p.m.


Adult(19 and over) Sep 1- Sep 30 5,500 yen

Oct 1- Oct 21 6,000 yen

Teens (13-18) 3,500 yen

Children (4-12) 1,500 yen



2. Kawasaki Halloween







Don’t miss this 21st anniversary of Kawasaki Halloween!

It’s held at Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.


The main events are held on October 29(Sun).

On October 28 (Sat) children would join Kids Parade.

There would be horror movies and events for kids (e.g., Halloween Kids Town Tour, Kids Halloween Park)


On October 29 (Sun) people would join Halloween Parade, Star Wars Parade and Dancing Pumpkin (after parade party).

All the events are taken place between 12p.m. and 5p.m.


Their theme for this year is diversity.

2020 Olympic Games is coming and they welcome anybody including LGBT, disabled from all ages and gender.



Location: Kawasaki Station

Date: October 28(Sat), 29(Sun)

Fee: Free except parade



3. Halloween 2016 Zombie Marathon Dash





This is another combination of running and Halloween.

It’s held at Inage Kaihin Park in Chiba Prefecture.


The race is held on October 16 (Sun). There would be a lot of zombies trying to get your life tags. Your mission is to run and protect your life tags.


There would be three teams (red, blue and white) and you would compete with others.


Location: Inage Kaihin Park

Date: October 16(Sun)

Time: 2:00p.m.

Fee: 5,500 yen



4. Disney Halloween



If you are Disney fan, don’t miss this Disney Halloween!

It’s taken place until October 31 (Mon).

There is a show called Super Duper Jumpin’ Time, which children would love to see.

You can also try to enjoy Haunted Mansion ‘Holiday Nightmare’ or taking pictures with Disney Characters and decorations.



Tokyo has lots of Halloween events, but those running events are taken place outside Tokyo.


If you go to Shibuya scramble crossing area, you would see crazy people!

Some go to Halloween events, while others show off their costumes and performance.

This area is always crowded but it would be packed and hard to move between  October 28(Sat) and 29(Sun).

If you just want to go shopping or not participating in Halloween events, you might want to avoid those dates.

Also don’t forget to bring your garbage back! Don’t throw on the street (whenever there is an event, people leave garbage behind and make city dirty… so please be responsible and considerate).






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