What is Ohanami? When do Japanese Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing?




Have you been to Ohanami in Japan? It’s fantastic to have food and drinks under the beautiful cherry blossoms.


Let’s find out how Japanese spend Ohanami!




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What is Ohanami?


Ohanami (お花見) literally means “flower viewing” and it’s also called Hanami.

When Japanese say Ohanami, it usually implies to “see cherry blossoms (Sakura).” Some people also see flowers of plum or peach but it’s not popular like Sakura.


Japanese enjoy food and drinks while watching cherry blossoms.


When is Ohanami?

There is no specific Ohanami date on calendar. Because it all depends on when Sakura blossom, Ohanami season is different every year.

Area also matters since cherry blossoms in Northern part of Japan would be ready much later compared to Southern part of Japan.


Typically people in Tokyo enjoy Ohanami sometime between the end of March and the beginning of April.

For instance, cherry blossoms in Tokyo would flower around March 17th, while cherry blossoms in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture would flower around April 7th this year.


Life of Sakura is short. It only lives for a couple weeks.

Thus once it flowers, many Japanese rush to see it.



Who can do Ohanami?



Is there any age restriction for Ohanami? No minors?

Nope! There is NO age restriction so ANYONE is welcome to go Ohanami.

Minors of course shouldn’t drink alcoholic beverage but they can go and enjoy food and Sakura.



Where can You Go to Ohanami?

Ueno Park, Tokyo



There is no rule in terms of places to see Sakura, so you can literally go anywhere.

Just keep in mind not to trespass private property, or block an area.


Parks would be the best place to view cherry blossoms. There would be lots of people in there during Ohanami season.

Other popular places include shrines, temples, waterfront area, street etc….. You can basically enjoy wherever you can see Sakura.


Some parks might charge entrance fee. (something like 500 yen)



What to Do during Ohanami?

Needless to say, you should see the cherry blossoms.


And many Japanese bring food and drinks.

Some cook Bento box and other dishes, while others buy and bring whatever they like.


Unlike North America and other countries, drinking in public place is not prohibited in Japan. That makes Japanese drink alcoholic beverage in parks during Ohanami.


It’s totally fine to bring nothing and just walk around the Sakura trees. Some people just go to parks, take pictures and take a walk.





Life of Sakura is very short, but that’s why it’s so beautiful.

If Sakura is there forever, no one would care to view certain time of the year.


Ohanami is to feel the spring and enjoy communication with others.

Grab some food and spend a great time under the Sakura trees!




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