Popular Hanami Bento Items and 7 Things to Bring to Sakura Viewing in Japan




What do you usually bring to Ohanami? This post summarizes what items you should bring to Hanami.




Picnic Blanket 


Picnic blanket is also called leisure sheet in Japan.

It’s one of the necessary items to bring to Ohanami.

Depending on parks, you might get bench. Otherwise, you would have to sit on the ground.

Picnic blanket is light, can be folded and easy to carry.


If you prefer, you could also bring portable folding chairs.



Wet Wipes


Wet wipes are useful for Ohanami. If you go to park, there should be washrooms. However, they might be far or inconvenient to go often.


If you have wipes, you can quickly use them to clean.



Garbage Bags


It’s important to bring garbage bags and clean after Ohanami.

You don’t have to bring a big ones but grab a couple of bags for garbage.


Garbage bags are practical to put unused items and you can even use them when it rains to cover yourself.





Pens are handy if you go to Sakura viewing with many people.

When you go with a bunch of people, you would have lots of dishes and cups.

You might lose your cup or someone else uses your cup.


To avoid confusion, it’s better to write down your name on the cup so that it won’t be wasted.





Tapes could be used to organize picnic sheet and garbage bags and seal the package of food.


You don’ t have to bring if you have none. But as things could happen in a unexpected way, you might want to bring it.

Just in case!



Bathroom Tissue




Washroom sure does have tissue but when it’s crowded, you might find no tissue in the washroom.


Bathroom tissue also can be used to clean the table, chairs, hands etc…

Very practical for Sakura viewing or other outdoor events.



Food and Drinks


You can either cook or buy and bring food.

Popular items are :snacks, Bento box, beer, pops, and bottled tea etc…


Many Japanese bring food and drinks and enjoy cherry blossoms.



Popular Bento Box Items Japanese Bring

There are various kinds of Bento boxes in convenience store. But if you cook by yourself, what do you bring?


Popular ones include:

-Rice Balls (onigiri)

-Deep Fried Chicken (karaage)

-Japanese Omlette (Tamagoyaki)

-Deep Fried Spring Rolls (Harumaki)


-Potato Salad


Those are from popular Bento items because all of the are easy to eat.

You don’t need the chopsticks or spoon.




Hanami is one of the exciting events during spring.

You don’t have to bring all of them but pick whatever you need!

There are nice place to visit for Ohanami so check local news, magazines and the Internet.




Wondering where to go? → 6 Best Hanami Spots in Tokyo

These are places to view cherry blossoms at night → Sakura Illumination in Kyoto





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