5 Important Ohanami Manners in Japan: Don’t Become a Spoiler!





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Are you planning to go Ohanami this year? Ohanami is traditional Japanese custom and there are certain rules foreigners should know.


Let’s find out manners of Ohanami!



Manner 1: Don’t Take Excessive Space

Some people are obsessed to reserve the best spot for Ohanami.

Everyone wants to get the best spot and occupy the enough space.

It’s all right, you can take it, but remember that many people want to enjoy cherry blossoms just like you.

Try not to take excessive space. We have to share the limited space.



Manner 2: Don’t Drink Too Much


You are welcome to drink whatever you want during Ohanami, but remember not to have excessive amount of alcohol.


If you drink too much and become sick, your people will be upset.

If you force someone to drink a lot, they might hate you.


Alcoholic beverage is one of great items for Ohanami because right amount of alcohol makes people happy and relaxed.

But if you drink too much you will lose your mind and destroy a fun atmosphere.


Don’t be a spoiler!



Manner 3: Don’t Touch Cherry Blossoms




Sakura is so beautiful and you might feel like touching it, but DON’T DO that!!

Not only Sakura but all plants and trees are fragile and people need to be very careful. They should not touch or shake but rather watch and enjoy the beauty.


If you are going to bring small children, tell them not to touch the trees and flowers. It’s common sense yet some people still touch and damage the flowers.



Manner 4: Don’t Leave Garbage

Ueno Park in Tokyo after Ohanami. Someone left garbage like this. Sick!



This is very important manner yet many people don’t think about it seriously.

YOU HAVE TO CLEAN AFTER USE. Even kids know that.

Just like BBQ party and other outdoor activities, you MUST bring garbage back if there is no garbage bins.


There should be some garbage bins in parks but if you cannot find one, don’t leave the garbage behind. Clean after Ohanami and respect the nature.


Whenever I hear news that people make a mess and leave garbage behind in public places, I feel furious and disgusted.

They won’t make a mess like this in their house, will they? (well, I guess some people might…)


If people keep doing this, there would be no places to do Ohanami.

Ohanami will be banned in public places. So please please PLEASE take care of your garbage!!



Manner 5: Don’t Damage Root of Sakura

Big Sakura trees have gigantic roots. Some roots are on the ground and can be seen.

If the roots are on the ground, be careful not to step on them. Also avoid placing a picnic blanket (or so-called “leisure sheet” in Japan) on them as it might damage the roots of Sakura.


Root of cherry blossoms are extremely fragile so if they are damaged or don’t get enough air, Sakura trees would become weak and sick.





The keywords for a great Ohanami time are “respect” and “clean.”


One must respect other people and nature.

And WE HAVE TO CLEAN after the Ohanami. If one doesn’t clean, she or he shouldn’t go to Ohanami at all.


Follow those rules and have a wonderful Ohanami time with magnificent Sakura!







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