Ohanami A to Z: How to Enjoy Cherry Blossoms during Day and Night




Japanese have a great time to enjoy Ohanami during spring. Ohanami refers to “Sakura Viewing.” Let’s find out what it is and where to go for sakura viewing.





What is Ohanami? When do Japanese Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing?



This post explains what Ohanami is. Who can go Ohanami and where to go? It gives you a basic idea of cherry blossom viewing in Japan.


⇒ When is Ohanami?




5 Important Ohanami Manners in Japan: Don’t Become a Spoiler!


This post describes important Ohanami manners in Japan. There is no manual but certain rules apply. Learn those and don’t be a Ohanami spoiler!


5 Important Ohanami Manners in Japan




Popular Hanami Bento Items and 7 Things to Bring to Sakura Viewing in Japan




If you are not sure what to bring for cherry blossom viewing, check this post. Those items are similar to the ones you bring to BBQ.

It also discusses what kind of Bento boxes Japanese bring to Sakura viewing.


7 Popular Items to Bring to Ohanami



Sakura Viewing 2017: Don’t Miss Those 6 Best Hanami Spots in Tokyo



Now you know what Ohanami is like in Japan but do you know where to go? This post summarizes 6 sakura viewing spots in Tokyo.

Most of them are parks and very popular during Ohanami season.


6 Best Hanami Spots in Tokyo




Sakura Illumination in Kyoto: 5 Best Spots to View Cherry Blossoms at Night



Cherry blossoms are lovely during day but did you know that they are magnificent at night? Collaboration of lights and Sakura is great for romantic date. This post summarizes 5 great spots for Sakura illumination in Kyoto.


5 Best Spots to View Sakura at Night




Cherry Blossoms 2017: When does Sakura Bloom in Tokyo and Other Cities?

Cherry blossoms have slightly different best viewing day every year. This post summarizes opening and blooming day for 2017 in major cities.

Check your favorite city!



 When does Sakura Bloom in Tokyo and Other Cities?



Ohanami 2017: Check Those 5 Popular Spots for Cherry Blossoms in Osaka


If you are visiting or living in Osaka, check this post.

These 5 Ohanami destinations are pretty popular and famous for magnificent Sakura.


⇒ Check Those 5 Popular Spots for Cherry Blossoms in Osaka






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